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Social Media Management

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Posts with Pizzazz

Don’t post “blah, blah, blah.” Be newsworthy! Share important content! Stand apart from your competition. The URL Dr. will help you engage your audience and establish your online presence.

Influence the Influencers

Social media is more than just posting what you did today. The URL Dr. will help you connect with thought leaders and influencers in  your industry. Getting in the right circles is half the battle.

Followers & Reputation

Our social media program includes managing your followers and keeping track on your online reputation. What’s being said about your company online? We’ll join in the conversation.

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LinkedIn is the social media network for business professionals. If you sell to businesses, you need to be on LinkedIn. Our LinkedIn management includes not only your personal profile, but a company profile too. We’ll set up each with everything from photos to video to custom written content. We’ll help you get connected in Groups and find people you’re associated with who can help you get better known. The URL Dr. offers best practices coaching and training in LinkedIn, too.

    • Set up of personal and company profiles on LinkedIn with professional graphics, optimized content, company descriptions, and more
    • Custom product pages tied to Company profile using demographic targeting
    • 20 – 80 posts on personal and company profiles combined, per month
    • Management of invitations, in box messages, comments, and spam
    • Research the best keywords to use for your market and industry
    • We’ll help you pick Groups to get involved in and influencers to connect with
    • Best practices coaching to optimize networking on LinkedIn
LinkedIn Social Media Management
Facebook Social Media


51% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or brand after Liking them on Facebook. We’ll give your Facebook Page a “facelift.” Our Facebook campaigns include custom Fan Gate Pages and email sign up forms. We’ll design professional graphics to use on your page, as well as in your posts. We’ll post content that engages your fan base, encourages sharing, and rewards comments. The URL Dr. offers best practice coaching to your in-house staff and will work with your employees to create an editorial calendar and a promotions calendar exclusively for use on Facebook.

  • Set up of Facebook Page with graphics, content, company information, Fan Gate Page, and promotion page
  • 20 – 80 Facebook Posts per month with graphics
  • Management of all friend requests, private messages, and comments.
  • Monitor for spam and negative comments
  • Editorial calendar for content/post creation
  • Facebook promotions calendar
  • Add a Facebook PPC campaign and receive $100 in paid advertising free (6 month minimum)

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Google+ is not only important from a social media standpoint, it’s important from a Google search standpoint as well. We’ll create or optimize your Google+ profile with professional graphics. We’ll help you set up Google Author Rank and Authorship. We’ll create Circles of friends, customers, prospects, and influencers. The URL Dr. offers best practice coaching with your team and editorial calendar development.

    • Create and/or optimize your Google+ profile with professional graphics
    • Implementation of Google Author Rank and Authorship
    • 20 – 80 Posts per month
    • Creation of Circles specific to your business, industry, and interests
    • Manage followers, requests, Circles, and messages
    • Coaching in best practices for Google+
    • Editorial calendar
Google+ Social Media Management
Twitter Social Media Management


With only 160 characters, you need to make your words count. Twitter is an opportunity to reach another market segment that can attract new business to your website. We’ll create a professional Twitter profile page and optimize your description with keywords to help you get found. We’ll use tools like FollowerWonk to find the influencers in your industry that you can connect with. We’ll monitor what’s being said about your company and your brand, while sharing relevant content with your followers.

  • Set up of campaign with professionally designed graphics and optimized content
  • 40 to 160 Twitter posts per month
  • Management of follower requests, who you’re following, private messages, and comments
  • Research to find the influencers in your industry
  • Custom content that is relevant and sharable
  • Add a Twitter PPC campaign and get $100 in free advertising (6 month minimum)

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YouTube is the second largest search engine, behind Google. This is a market of interested searchers that can not be overlooked. If your company is utilizing video, YouTube is a must. Our YouTube management includes a professionally designed Channel Page. We’ll optimize your videos for search with keywords that we identify through research. Our YouTube management also includes the creation of one video per month. Choose from several different styles of video with voice overs, including animation.

    • Professionally designed YouTube Channel Page
    • Creation of 1 video per month
    • Posting of up to 20 videos per month that you provide
    • Management of followers, comments, channels, and favorites
    • Editorial calendar
YouTube Social Media Management
Pinterest Social Media Management


A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s one of the reasons why Pinterest has become so popular. Our Pinterest management focuses on images that represent your company, products, and services, along with a message that represents your brand. We’ll craft this concept into a collection of posts each month to generate shares and comments.

  • Customize your Pinterest profile and create boards for various aspects of your business
  • 20-80 Pinterest posts per month
  • Professionally made graphics for your Pinterest posts, from images we find and images you provide
  • Management of friend requests, comments, and messages
  • Editorial calendar to manage themes and posts

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SlideShare is an often overlooked social media networking opportunity. Any video, presentation, Power Point, piece of content, or group of FAQ’s can be reworked into a SlideShare presentation. We’ll create 1 SlideShare presentation for you each month and post it to your SlideShare account. If you want to provide us with more presentations, we’ll post them for you, up to 20 per month. Our SlideShare management includes a Pro account.

  • Professional SlideShare profile
  • Creation of 1 SlideShare presentation each month
  • Posting of up to 20 SlideShare presentations that you provide
  • Includes a Pro SlideShare account
  • Includes Pro reporting and analytics to monitor efforts
Slideshare Social Media Management
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