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Storyline is the gold standard for creating interactive e-learning courses. This authoring tool features custom programming capabilities to allow our team of instructional designers to create games, software simulations, scenarios with characters, interactive menus, and advanced quizzing functionality. Storyline courses are available for export in SCORM, Tin Can, and HTML5 file formats. We also provide customers with full in-house voice over capabilities to add male and female narration and direction to your courses. Video and animation in Storyline can also be interactive, which enhances user engagement and comprehension of your course materials. Test drive one of two sample Storyline courses below and see the possibilities of Articulate Storyline for your e-learning course.

Test Drive a Sample Storyline Course

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Features of Articulate Storyline Courses


Storyline courses are highly customizable and allow for advanced programming for high levels of interactive engagement.


One feature of Storyline is the ability to include voice over audio on each slide of the course, providing direction and additional engagement for auditory learners.


Storyline can be programmed to work as a software simulation tool, providing an environment to teach and test users on software programs via a neutral platform.


Storyline’s customization options provide a wide array of gaming capabilities. Test drive our KnowledgePlay game courses to see the possibilities.

Enhanced Interaction

With its many customization and programming capabilities, Storyline provides a higher level of interaction than Rise 360.

SCORM or Tin Can

Articulate Storyline courses can be exported in the following file formats to work with your LMS: cmi5, xAPI (Tin Can), SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, or AICC.


Videos of all types can be embedded in Storyline courses. The URL dr uses animation, b-roll, screen capture, talking head, and mixed media videos for high levels of engagement.


Storyline includes engaging interactive scenarios. These can bring your content to life or be used as knowledge checks. This element features a variety of real life, customizable characters to lead your learners through a story.

PowerPoint Importer

If you’re creating a course from a PowerPoint presentation, Storyline’s PowerPoint import tool can save time and money in the development of your course.

Articulate Storyline Course Development

Storyline vs Rise 360

Which tool creates a better e-learning course? Articulate Storyline or Articulate Rise 360? They each have a wide variety of features and functionality that can be utilized in creating your online course. The main benefits of Storyline include the advanced customization and programming capabilities for gamification, simulation, and advanced interactive features. Storyline features an advancing page design similar to a PowerPoint, where Rise 360 features a scrolling design like a web page. Rise offers better responsive design functionality for viewing courses on different devices, but Storyline allows the addition of voice overs that automatically play as the user progresses through the course. If we want to utilize the best of both tools, interactive elements can be designed in Storyline and imported into Rise with the block import feature. Need help in determining which is the better tool for your course material? Schedule a free consultation with The URL dr today, to discuss your options.


“Can I lend a hand?”

As CEO of The URL dr, developing e-learning courses and teaching is a passion. From curriculum development and instructional design, to video and animation, my team and I specialize in helping you tell a story, teach a process, and empower your audience with knowledge. We’re here to work with you and bring your material to life.

We’ll make you look fabulous!

KnowledgePlay Gamification Rise Courses


KnowledgePlay is a new line of themed e-learning games built in Articulate Storyline. Instead of paying for the full development of a course, we’ve done all the hard work for you with predesigned games. Just send us your content, and we’ll put it into the game for you. We’ll even provide the LMS, if you don’t have your own. Choose from pirates, wild west, superheroes, corporate, haunted house, and sports themed games. Test drive a game and see how much fun we can make your learning experience.


Yes, we can. We offer script writing and course writing services at an hourly charge. We have subject matter experts in certain areas on staff and we can procure SMEs for your project if required. We can also work with your SMEs to write your course and curriculum.

We suggest you allow four to six weeks for a course with a 30 to 40 minute seat time. Our current production schedule and how long it takes for you to provide information and feedback can impact the turnaround time of your course. For courses with multiple lessons and seat times of longer than one hour, please contact us for a quote.

The first thing we’ll have you do is fill out an onboarding questionnaire that gives you the opportunity to tell us what you want your finished course to look like. We’ll need provided content or existing curriculum materials, access to SMEs, any provided video footage you want us to use, any provided graphics or images you want us to use, and your logo in a .png file format.

Our e-learning creation and design services are billed at an hourly charge. Please contact us for an estimate of your project.

Absolutely. E-learning projects can be daunting, especially for first timers. We offer consulting services to help you figure out what kind of learning courses to make, what LMS system to pick, how to organize your process to produce your course, how to pick assessments, etc. Contact us for a free 30 minute consult about your project.

E-learning courses can be anywhere between a 30 minute seat time or shorter to a course that could take weeks to finish. It really depends on your audience and the depth of your material as to the finished seat time of your course. Contact us for help on how to decide.

Sure. Many of our customers are authors or speaker/trainers that have a book, a workbook, a PowerPoint, existing curriculums, or a workshop that they would like to adapt into a course. Contact us and let’s discuss your project.

Yes! Gamification can really enhance the learning experience. Our favorite authoring tool for more advanced courses with interactions and games is Articulate Rise 360. Take a look at our sample Rise 360 course on our company, The URL dr, to get an idea of what we can do.  Check Out Our Example Course Here.

Yes we can.

Yes! We can include facial shot video, b-roll video, and screencapture video. We can also add your video to animation. We consider this a Combination or Mixed Media video and it has its own rate. We can edit video you provide, as well.

We do! We love developing material for children. Ask us for examples.

Yes, we can! It can even include background music.

Absolutely. Kim Merritt, The URL dr, is our “in-house” voice talent. Her voice is available at no additional charge on video projects. If you’d like a male voice or other female voices, we are happy to source those for you at an additional cost. We charge you for our time to source your voices and pass back to you the cost of the individual voice over artists.

Yes, have a catalog of royalty free music for your video.


Yes we can. Our company started thirteen years ago as an online marketing firm. Contact us to talk about your needs.

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