Vyond Animation for E-learning Videos

You’ve got a boring subject you need to create into an e-learning course or you have a service that you need to advertise online with video. What’s a cost effective way to make engaging images? Vyond (GoAnimate) animation is fun and compelling way to get your message across with impact. With thousands of scenes, props, and our own in-house voice over studio, we can make your characters do and say anything.

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Whiteboard to Contemporary Animation Styles

Vyond features several animated styles that can be used to create a look unique to your project. Whether you like the caricature style, whiteboard, video infographics, or the new contemporary style, we can produce videos that don’t look like everybody else’s.

Webinars for small business

Custom Characters and Props

The custom character feature is one that we have too much fun with. Just send us a picture of a member on your team or anyone that you want to feature in your animated videos, and we can create custom characters that look like real people. Vyond also offers political figures, children, animals, super heros, aliens, monsters, and space men, with the capability to move and lip sync a voice over. We can also upload video MP4 files into your animated videos, your logo, and custom props that we make with PhotoShop.

Watch Samples of Our Vyond Animation Work

Vyond (GoAnimate) & Screencast

Vyond (GoAnimate) Animation

Vyond w/ Custom Props

Vyond (GoAnimate) Animation

Live + Vyond Video

Vyond (Go Animate) Animation

Vyond (GoAnimate) Animation

Vyond (GoAnimate) Animation

Instructional Design Case Studies

Vyond Animated Videos

LGBTQ Diversity Program at ADP

ADP is highly celebrated for their inclusive work environment. The ADP Pride program reinforces the company’s diversity and inclusion policy. Using Vyond animation, The URL Dr brought to life a series of videos focusing on thoughtfulness toward LGBTQ employees. The ADP Pride LGBTQ Workplace Best Practices video series is available on YouTube. Read the full case study.

Animating The Founder’s Dilemma

The Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE) wanted to teach important startup concepts to entrepreneurs. Celebrated Harvard Professor, Noam Wasserman’s book “The Founder’s Dilemma,” was used as the basis for an animated series that walked entrepreneurs through the important decisions of starting their first business. The video series was designed for viewers to answer questions based on what they were learning to determine the next video to watch. Read the full case study.

Book Animation
Instructional Design for elearning development

Breathing new life into boring course material

McKissock Learning, a division of Colibri Group, had text-based content that needed a little “pizzazz!” Vyond animation was used to bring the real estate appraising course to life. 147 Animated videos were made to bring this course to life. Quality and feedback scores were highly improved with the courses reintroduction. Read the full case study.

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