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High school program saved for EDF

Shannon Thomas, manager of Community Engagement and Education for the Environmental Defense Fund, was faced with a huge problem during the pandemic. Her in-person Houston based program for high school students had to quickly be converted into an online learning experience, or the program would be cancelled.

She hired a vendor to create the first module, but the finished product was a mess and unusable. Enter The URL dr, “mess-cleaner-uppers extraordinare.” Shannon isn’t the first client who came to us with an e-learning mess that we had to quickly resolve. 

We worked with Shannon to redesign the course into a blended learning experience that not only excited her colleagues, but also the students. (And you know how hard it is to get high school students excited about learning!) Read the details of how we fixed the EDF course below.

In Shannon's own words

Shannon Thomas
Shannon Thomas
Manager of Community Engagement & Education
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“Kim and her team did an amazing job creating online modules and animated videos for my students. They worked quickly and were extremely responsive. They communicated with me effectively, offered excellent suggestions for improvement and really brought my content to life in an engaging way. I would definitely use them again in the future."

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After two conversations, our team put together a plan for Shannon to redesign her in-person program into a hybrid online program that involved e-learning modules designed in Articulate Rise, with Zoom led group sessions.

Shannon’s audience was high school students, so the material had to be fun and engaging to keep this age group’s interest. The URL dr utilized custom animated videos to bring Shannon’s course to life and tell stories related to the environmental impact in the Houston area.

The URL dr also helped Shannon pick a learning management system (LMS) and incorporated community features so students could comment on course material and communicate with other students and the facilitator.

In the end, the program was saved. Post-COVID the online modules are still used in conjunction with in-person led discussions. The URL dr has continued to work with EDF on courses related to the environment, pollution, and health and beauty products.

"They saved our life. They saved our program...I just have confidence in them and trust in the work that they're doing. "

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More About EDF

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is a US-based nonprofit environmental advocacy group. The group is best known for its work on issues including global warming, ecosystem restoration, oceans, human health, and advocates using sound science, economics and law to environmental solutions that work. The URL dr has worked EDF for several years creating e-learning courses and animated videos.

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