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Kim Butler, The URL Dr.

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Kim Butler, The URL Dr.

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My goal is to help my customers market and monetize their websites. Whether you’re a retail business, B2B, or nonprofit, I want to help your organization be more successful online.

The URL Dr. specializes in offering clients ecommerce solutions and services, with custom website design techniques, to achieve optimal return on investment and strategic growth.

I have over 20 years of experience as an ecommerce website designer and online marketing specialist, plus over 39 years of experience in retail, management, and operations. As The URL Dr, I’ve worked with clients of various sizes, from the 15th fastest growing online retailer in the US, selling in excess of 50,000 products online, to single owner small businesses. If you want to grow your business by taking advantage of the internet, I can help.

My Idea…

I want to empower my clients with the knowledge, tools, and services to make the website and search marketing process easier, more effective, and more profitable. I give clients the option of choosing the type of relationship they need in a web design and marketing company. I can provide you with do-it-yourself options, if you’re on a budget, or full service options, if you’re time deficient. The choice is always yours.

Kim Merritt-Butler, The URL Dr.

Kim Butler

The URL Dr.

Kim has been creating ecommerce solutions and online marketing campaigns for twenty years. She has more than thirty years of retail experience, which allows her to bring a unique combination of talents and knowledge to clients.

Growing up in a family owned funeral business, Kim is a fourth generation self-employed entrepreneur. Having started her first company, Kim’s Khocolate, a manufacturer of custom molded Khocolates, at the tender age of eleven, and her second company, an internet retailer of brand name dinnerware, she knows first hand the challenges that small and mid-sized businesses face.

Kim’s background allows her to see beyond just custom web design or an local search campaign. She can look at the situation from the eyes of the CEO, the CFO, the Director of Sales, the Director of Marketing, or the business owner (having been all of those things at one time or another, herself). Kim is very successful at guiding clients into profitable online decisions, based on their own unique business model.

In her free time, Kim is the mother of a college senior and a high school senior. She also spends time with her two rescued cats, Momma June Bug Jones (aka Buggy) and Mister Kitten Britches (aka Mister).