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Whether you’re teaching the world how to do something amazing or building your business to become the next big thing, we can help. We are serious about creating engaging e-learning.

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Our mission is to help our customers reach, teach, and sell their audience in an authentic way. Education and knowledge is power! Let’s empower the world!

This is who we are

We love to teach, and we love to tell stories. That has been the foundation of The URL dr’s growth and success. We are a boutique agency that specializes in e-learning, animation, and video production services. Each customer we deal with gives us the opportunity to be creative in educating and entertaining their audience.

We still hold dear our extensive background in WordPress web development, managed hosting, e-commerce, and LearnDash. It serves us well as we develop sales pages and LMS sites for clients.

Teaching online has become our new norm. Whether it’s developing an e-learning course or an entire website to reach your audience, let us help you get your message to those that need it. The URL dr can help you tell your story, teach your audience, and reach the customers you want. Plus, we’re a darn fun bunch to deal with. Contact us, and let’s talk about your project.

Our Promise to You


Our team makes itself available to our clients on their time frame and in their time zone. We're available via Zoom, phone, or email.


We promise to help our clients by listening to what you want and need, in addition to offering guidance and support throughout the project.


We've built our reputation on delivering what we promise, in the time frame that we establish at the beginning of every project.

Meet Our Team

We are a 100% virtual company completely based in the United States and Canada.

Kim Merritt The URL dr

Kim Merritt

aka The URL dr
Location: North Carolina

Groovy Facts about Kim:
– Started her first company, Kim's Khocolate, at the age of 11
– Has seen over 100 live rock shows
– Testified before a US Senate Subcommittee on Entrepreneurship
– Is working on earning her race car license
– Met Steve Jobs and found out he was a huge fan of Edith Head
Being creative and teaching is what Kim loves to do. Designing e-learning courses allows her to create a unique learning experience for every new client. She brings 30 years of professional speaking and training, plus 20 years of web design and e-commerce to her instructional design work.

Kim is also a serial entrepreneur, having started four businesses, in her 45 year business career. She's made Khocolate for Apple, sold 50,000 dinnerware skus online, helped prevent dog bites, and taught skills to some of America's top companies. Read more about Kim's first business, Kim's Khocolate, and her antics as a teenage entrepreneur, as documented by USA Today, Newsweek, People, Barron's and The Robb Report.
Sarah Karnes

Sarah Karnes

Director of Ops, Head of Employee Engagement, Instructional Designer
aka Word-smithing Jedi
Location: California

Groovy Facts about Sarah:
– Did very early work at Google that helped lay the foundation for Pokemon GO!
– Has been stung by a scorpion
– Saw the Space Shuttle Atlantis launch in May 2000
– Once made eye contact with Denzel Washington

Sarah has had a varied career working everywhere from Google to the University of Washington. She keeps us organized through operations, communication, invoicing, and hiring. When she’s not sleuthing out new work for us and adding new emojis to our Slack, you can find her singing, writing, and acting in Los Angeles.
Andrew Knopp

Andrew Knopp

Head of Video Production, Instructional Designer
aka The Utility Man
Location: California

Groovy Facts about Andrew:
- Has synesthesia, so he sees letters and numbers as colors
- Has partied with Paul Allen on his private yacht in Cannes
- Was an extra in the movie Revolutionary Road
- Hosts a podcast called "Play Ball: Baseball at the Movies"

Andrew has over a decade of industry experience at the intersection of education and the arts. He’s developed, produced, and directed premium digital content for the Fusion Network, Keshet International, The Elite Daily, Verizon’s go90, and Nasser Entertainment. When he’s not producing content for us, he’s likely watching baseball, ranting about baseball, or podcasting about baseball.
Nikole Hyndman

Nikole Hyndman

Project Manager
aka Wizard of Workflow
Location: Ontario

Groovy Facts about Nikole:
- Spent almost a decade living and working in Spain
- Was almost cast in a movie with Tim Curry, before retiring from acting at age 9
- Loves talking so much that she learned 2 other languages: Spanish and Catalan
- Is deeply obsessed with weird history podcasts

A PMP-certified project manager, Nikole has worked on projects ranging the vibrant world of content marketing, to the complex intricacies of M&A deal sourcing. A passionate communicator and avid list-maker, Nikole coordinates projects to ensure a seamless client experience, and a consistently high-quality end product. When she’s not optimizing workflows, she can be found wandering the Canadian wilderness with her 3 dogs and one very adventurous cat.
Caldwell Butler

Caldwell Butler

Head of Animation
aka Video Sorcerer
Location: California

Groovy Facts about Caldwell:
– Has seen Bruce Springsteen and The Who a combined 7 times
– Is an Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholar
– Chose Film Noir for his first short film
– Is an avid train and model train enthusiast
– Graduated from Columbia in 3 years
Caldwell graduated with honors from Columbia College of Chicago and Mercersburg Academy. As our main animator and videographer, he is in charge of making our customer‘s dreams become realities. When he’s not making videos for us, he’s writing scripts and working on indie film productions in LA, or documenting his model train creations for model train magazines.
Laura Elm

Laura Elm

KnowledgeBANK Manager & Office Manager, ID Assistant
aka Queen of Organized Chaos
Location: Mobile in Florida

Groovy Facts about Laura:
- Laura has adopted two children from foster care
- She loves the thrill of the open road and travels full-time in a motor home
- When she isn't working, you can find her soaking up the sun by the beach or trying out a new restaurant
- she loves indulging in delicious food!
Laura has had a varied career from working with children to door-to-door sales. She loves the challenge of organization. She is an organizational queen who loves making lists and tackling tasks head-on! Her knack for list-making and attention to detail helps ensure that all projects are completed efficiently and effectively.
Gayle Monroe

Gayle Monroe

Instructional Designer Specializing in Storyline
aka Storyline Ninja
Location: Mobile in California

Groovy Facts about Gayle:
– Music of choice is classic rock
– Lives and travels full time in an RV with her two cats
– Loves motorcycle camping and riding twisty roads
– Has completed 11 centuries (100 miles) on her bicycle

After college Gayle found a career as a Photocopier and computer technician. After the birth of her daughter she decided to turn her energy into multi-media design and changed careers. She fell into the role of eLearning Developer by accident, and found she loved the combination of visual design and logic. She develops eLearning courses using Storyline and enjoys finding new ways to bring ideas to life. She spends her free time taking walks and bike rides, exploring small towns, and spending time with family and friends.
Ashanty Gomez VA

Ashanty Gomez

Executive Virtual Assistantr
aka The Most Fit-ish Virtual Assistant
Location: Florida

Groovy Facts about Ashanty:
- She is a Crossfit enthusiast
- Proud dog mom
- She loves to paint but needs to find time for it
- Her circle of friends are called "the Turtle Squad" or "the Turtles" by everyone they know

Ashanty has had a varied career working extensively with business owners in fulfilling their administrative needs. Ashanty has helped with different tasks ranging from social outreach and management, editorial copy, and web review. She LOVES organizing systems and folders are her biggest weapon against chaos. She is very resourceful and believes that everything is ‘Google-able.’ If she doesn’t know it, she will figure it out!
Heather Lloyd-Martin

Heather Lloyd-Martin

Fractional CMO
aka SEO Goddess
Location: Oregon

Groovy Facts about Heather:
– Rafted down the Colorado River 3 times
– Started the SEO writing industry more than 25 years ago and has been called the "Godmother of SEO"
– Presenting on stage is her happy place, from Amsterdam to WA state
– Seen The Who in NYC and London
– Asked David Wain & Ken Marino if she could sing Baker Street with them
Forbes Magazine called Heather Lloyd-Martin "the pioneer of SEO copywriting." Known as a fast-talking, tell-it-like-it-is redhead, Heather built the SEO industry over 25 years ago with a group of super-smart colleagues -- long before Google was the leading search engine. Today, she stays on the leading edge of SEO content, helping marketers keep their cool (and their positions) during Google's weird changes.

Over the years, Heather has worked with big brands across various industries, including publishing, travel, SaaS, E-learning, and search engines. When she's not running her SEO Copywriting Certification training, she's a fractional CMO for mission-driven clients, an instructor for LinkedIn Learning, a popular conference speaker, and a business coach for Gen X women thought leaders.

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