Instructional design consulting for engaging online courses

 Online learning is the new norm, but where do you start? Our instructional design consulting services include storyboarding, outlining courses, writing curriculums, corporate instructional design, conducting needs assessments, video production, and managing the many facets of an e-learning project. Our team of instructional design consultants has worked in healthcare, technology, real estate, government, banking, retail, and many other. As a top instructional design company, we know how to collaborate with you to get the job completed. 

Instructional Design Consulting

Curriculum Development

Our instructional design consultants work with course authors to assist them in bringing their ideas to life. We can start from scratch and collaborate with you on the development of your material, or we can write the course for you.

Outline & Content Audit

Content audits consist of a thorough review of your provided materials. We'll read your documents, watch your videos, and review your workbooks to pull the best material for your online course. We'll create an outline that will become your course.


Our instructional designers, animators, and video production team can storyboard every part of your project, allowing for a visual representation of your course and videos before production begins. We invite you to collaborate with our instructional design consultants.

Course Design

After the development of an outline and storyboards, our instructional design consultants will layout the first module of your course. We'll incorporate your brand colors, logo, videos, and any provided graphics into your course design.


Online courses need to entertain learners to ensure comprehension. We specialize in producing courses that are highly engaging. This makes learning easy and fun. No boring courses here!

SME Interviews

For clients who do not have written material, or in cases where we are writing the course from scratch, we will source and interview subject matter experts. If you're the SME, we'll be happy to interview you, too.
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Instructional Design Consulting

From Boring to Exciting!

There’s nothing worse than watching someone teach in front of a whiteboard or a slow moving PowerPoint for two hours. Yawn! 

Engaging Design

The URL dr is an instructional design company that can take your subject matter experts and academics’ jargon-filled technical documents and turn them into an easy-to-understand course with pizzazz. It’s all about telling a story and getting the learner engaged in the content. 

A Variety of Elements

We’ll present your course with animation, video, quizzes, interactive elements, games, and downloads. We make learning new material fun and engaging in a mobile environment that can be consumed on-the-go or at the office.

Authoring Tools

Our team of instructional design consultants utilize a number of authoring tools to create the interactive courses that we design for clients. We’ll discuss the options with you, and help you make the best choice based on your overall goals for the course and your organization.

Articulate Rise 360

If we’re using an authoring tool like Articulate Rise 360, your online course can be designed with interactive images, sorting activities, flashcards, matching games, fill-in-the blank questions, and multiple choice quizzes. Rise files are SCORM and TINCAN compliant. We also utilize animation as a cost-effective and engaging way to add moving visuals to your course with the animation tool Vyond.

Authoring Tools: Articulate Storyline

One of the many benefits of using Storyline in corporate instructional design, is the high level of custom programming it allows. Storyline is capable of enhanced engagement, simulations, gamification, and scenario-based learning. 

Voice Overs

Storyline features the ability to add voice overs and audio throughout courses. Audio can be set to automatically start playing when a learner advances to the next screen. 

Importing Storyline Blocks into Rise 360

To get the best of both worlds, Storyline elements can be imported into Rise 360. This allows the custom programming functionality of Storyline with the clean, scrolling design of Rise. 

Corporate Instructional Design Case Studies

McKissock Learning, a division of Colibri Group, had text-based content that needed a little “pizzazz!” 

Animation to Enhance Learning 

After reviewing and analyzing the learning approach, audience, LMS system, and the instructional materials that existed, The URL dr’s team of instructional design consultants, developed a new online learning course that incorporated animation and storytelling with a real estate theme that truly spoke to the students. 

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Developing custom e-learning solutions with Articulate Storyline and Rise 360 allow our creativity to come shining through. Our e-learning course development services have been used by both Fortune 500s and small business. Unlike many custom e-learning development companies, 100% of our work is produced here in the US. Our instructional designers will help bring your course to life. Let’s talk about how we can work together.

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Have questions about a Project?

E-learning and video projects can be quite involved, with a lot of moving pieces. If you’re new to the world of e-learning, or even if you’ve been in the space for years. We’re happy to provide you with answers. Check out or FAQ’s page, chat with us, or email us at

LMS systems to serve your courses

Learning management systems (LMS) will make or break your online learning experience for your audience. Don’t let a bad LMS system ruin a fabulous course. Our LMS consulting services can help you choose, setup, and manage your system.

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Off-the-shelf Courses

Our micro learning library has 700 titles that you can purchase for your SCORM compatible LMS.

Articulate Rise

Rise gives your course the professional image and interactive capabilities to make learning fun and memorable.

Explainer Video

When you need how-to videos that walk learners through a series of steps or a software app.