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Localization Translation in e-learning and corporate L&D

Localization and Translation in E-learning and Corporate L&D

E-learning and corporate training programs are most effective when they focus on a learner’s native language and the cultural nuances of their geographic location. The URL dr sits down with Zeph Snapp, owner and founder of Altura Interactive, a Spanish digital marketing company that serves as a guide to US companies who are interested in tapping into Hispanic markets. Join the discussion as they talk about the differences between translation (converting a digital learning course from English into a target language like Spanish) and localization (the process of adapting learning content to the linguistic and cultural needs of a specific audience) in e-learning.

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Sell courses online to corporate clients

How to Sell Online Courses to Corporate Clients

Course authors often ask me how to sell their courses to large companies. They don’t want to just sell one seat to their courses; they want to sell 100, 1,000, or even 5,000 seats. I tell course authors that selling to large companies is absolutely doable – and it is for you, too. Large companies have big training needs, and with the right material, you can get corporations interested in your courses. 

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