What’s the best LMS platform for selling online courses? 

What is the best LMS platform for selling courses online?

What is the best learning management system (LMS)?

The number one question I get from course authors is, what is the best learning management system or LMS platform for selling their courses? There are hundreds of LMS systems to choose from, so getting lost in the mix is easy. 

Over the past decade, I’ve used Teachable, Kajabi, TalentLMS, Canvas, LearnDash, LearnWorlds, Litmos, Claromentis, and more. But before I tell you what we use at The URL dr, here’s a checklist of what you’ll need from an LMS system.


LMS Checklist: 20 LMS features creators need

      • SCORM compatibility for interactive courses

      • Easy-to-use page builder with templates

      • The ability to build out the pages of the LMS into a full-blown website

      • Integrated e-commerce shopping cart

      • Open API for custom programming

      • Automated workflows

      • Affiliate Program

      • Ability to manually upload new users into the system in bulk

      • Built-in surveys and net promoter scores

      • Certificate generation when a course is completed 

      • Excellent reporting capabilities and analytics

      • Ability to sell and manage B2B course sales

      • Community features

      • Blended-learning capabilities with Zoom integration for live classes

      • Form builder for lead generation collection

      • Ability to sell courses individually or as part of a bundle or subscription

      • Integration capabilities with your favorite SAAS-based tools

      •  Enterprise-level capabilities so you won’t outgrow it

      • Email capabilities

    • AND a flat fee pricing model

    What is the best LMS platform?

    So now you have a great LMS research checklist, but I can save you weeks of research time. I highly recommend LearnWorlds to the majority of my clients. 

    LearnWorlds offers the flexibility of a custom-designed LearnDash site without the compatibility issues that can drive you crazy. Believe me, as someone who worked as a LearnDash designer and developer for over a decade, I can tell you what a headache LearnDash can be.

    LearnWorlds offers a web page builder similar to WordPress. It allows you to create pages using templates to implement great designs quickly. You can also add pages to your LearnWorlds site, making it both an LMS system and a fully functioning website. What could be better?

    While LearnWorlds may not have all the plugin add-on capabilities of WordPress, it has numerous built-in e-learning features. It includes SCORM capabilities and e-commerce features without the need for frustrating additional plugins (like LearnDash requires).

    LearnWorlds also has open API access that allows a custom developer to connect your LearnWorlds system to other software programs and platforms. This capability allows it to meet and surpass the features of any LMS built in WordPress.


    How LearnWorlds help you market and sell your online course

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to sell your online courses, and LearnWorlds has a built-in affiliate program. Affiliate marketing allows you to use your customers, followers, influencers, and partners to help you market your courses. You share a commission with someone who sends traffic to your site when they buy a course from you. I love this bonus LearnWorlds feature!  

    Another feature my course authors get super excited about is the ability to sell their courses in the Apple and Android app stores. LearnWorlds offers an app add-on for course creators to reach potential students via app stores for an extra monthly fee.

    The automated workflow capabilities in LearnWorlds blow the competition away and enables you to sell your courses to enterprise-level clients. You can integrate external apps to boost marketing, support course completion, and upsell more courses to your students.


    Here’s why LearnWorld’s SCORM-compatible and flat-fee pricing model matters

    The list of LearnWorlds features is nearly limitless. However, the main reason my clients and I use LearnWorlds is that it’s SCORM compatible with a flat fee pricing model. Here at The URL dr, we make far more interactive courses than video courses. Interactive courses are more engaging and get your learners involved in your material. Because let’s face it…talking head videos can be just plain boring!

    Interactive courses require an LMS that is SCORM compatible, like LearnWorlds. Most SCORM-compatible LMS systems charge you per user and can get very expensive for small businesses and entrepreneurs. LearnWorlds has a flat fee pricing system that is highly competitive for SCORM compatibility. And, for my larger clients, it’s enterprise-grade and can handle tens of thousands of learners.

    My video team and I currently give the interactive video capabilities in LearnWorlds a “meh” rating. Hey, no system is perfect, but I know that LearnWorlds is updating the interactive video system, aiming for a new and improved version.

    LearnWorlds also has open API access that allows a custom developer to connect your LearnWorlds system to other software programs and platforms. This capability allows it to meet and surpass the features of any LMS built in WordPress.


    Why do I use LearnWorlds for my clients?

    Please know that I don’t recommend anything I don’t use or believe in. I moved all The URL dr’s courses out of LearnDash and into LearnWorlds more than two years ago and have been thrilled with the results. My company now recommends LearnWorlds as the number one choice for an LMS.

    Our KnowledgeBANK off-the-shelf library of 700 interactive micro courses is built in a LearnWorlds site. While we sell our courses directly to the public, with the LearnWorlds duplication capabilities, we can also clone our site and sell white-labeled LMS systems and training courses for companies with custom learning needs. 

    We also have a proprietary assessment add-on called KnowledgeTEST that assesses a learner’s knowledge and skill set before training starts and then prompts LearnWorlds to recommend what courses a learner needs to take.  

    Want to try LearnWorlds? Use the coupon “urldr10” to get 10% off your first six months of service. 

    Do you have questions about LearnWorlds and engaging course design? Reach out to me for a no-obligation chat.

    Good luck, and remember, don’t make courses that suck.

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