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Custom e-learning solutions are a great way for companies to onboard new employees, teach customers how to use a product or service, provide training, and issue certifications. Our staff has created over 1,000 e-learning videos and custom e-learning courses for industries in healthcare, technology, real estate, and marketing. Find out all the creative ways we can engage and teach your audience. Explore our e-learning course development services below.


E-learning Course Development Options

vyond animation video services


Want to make your course engaging? Consider animation. We are Vyond animation experts.

instructional design custom e-learning solutions

Instructional Design

We’ll work with you to design your curriculum program and materials to achieve your desired outcomes.

e-learning course learndash LMS

LMS Systems

We work in a variety of learning management systems with and without SCORM/TINCAN compatibility.

explainer video with custom e-learning development

Screen Capture / Screencast

Need to demonstrate a cloud-based software product? Our demo videos help you educate and lead your team and audience.

video editing with camtasia

Video Editing

We use Adobe Premier and Camtasia for video editing. We work with client provided footage, b-roll, animation, or screen capture to make you look great.

e-learning instructional design consulting


From e-learning industry research projects to helping you pick the right LMS system for your needs, we answer your questions and help you solve problems.

Custom E-learning Solutions

Interactive Exercises

Make your content interactive with e-learning course development that includes drag-and-drop, matching, clickable graphics, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank exercises.

Downloadable Resources

Let us design branded workbooks, PDFs, reference guides, and tools to enhance your e-learning course and help learners when they’re offline.


Leaderboards, competitions, timed activities, games, and badges all get learners excited and enhance participation. Let’s talk about custom e-learning solutions for your courses.

Knowledge Checks

Short quizzes throughout your e-learning course and a final test in a variety of formats can improve comprehension.

Blended Learning

Online videos used in combination with live interactive online learning events, webinars, and one-on-one coaching sessions can enhance learning and retention in your e-learning course.

LMS Platforms

Custom e-learning solutions are a specialty. We can help you choose the right learning management system (LMS) for your courses based on your needs.

Storyboards & Design

Let us turn your e-learning course ideas into eye-catching visual designs and storyboards, transforming complex information into engaging content that meets your objectives.

Video & Audio

Our in-house voice over, video and animation experts can handle your content production from start to finish and put the final touches on your e-learning course. 

Writing & Editing

Whether you need light editing, a complete rewrite, or the content created from scratch, we have the ability to write your content for any elearning development project.

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Developing custom e-learning solutions with Articulate Storyline and Rise 360 allow our creativity to come shining through. Our e-learning course development services have been used by both Fortune 500s and small business. Unlike many custom e-learning development companies, 100% of our work is produced here in the US. Our instructional designers will help bring your course to life. Let’s talk about how we can work together.

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Have questions about a Project?

E-learning and video projects can be quite involved, with a lot of moving pieces. If you’re new to the world of e-learning, or even if you’ve been in the space for years. We’re happy to provide you with answers. Check out or FAQ’s page, chat with us, or email us at help@theurldr.us.

E-learning courses with animation

Animation brings your story to life with custom characters, moving graphics, and background music. Visit our animation portfolio and see how we can enhance your e-learning course with animated video.

In need of other e-learning services?

Off-the-shelf Courses

Our micro learning library has 700 titles that you can purchase for your SCORM compatible LMS.

Articulate Rise

Rise gives your course the professional image and interactive capabilities to make learning fun and memorable.

Explainer Video

When you need how-to videos that walk learners through a series of steps or a software app.