E-Learning Courses & Content

Online learning is a great way for companies to onboard new employees, teach customers how to use a product or service, provide training, and issue certifications. Our staff has created over 1,000 e-learning videos and courses for industries in healthcare, technology, real estate, and marketing. Find out all the creative ways we can engage your audience with online video. Need an LMS system when your videos are done? We’re big fans of Teachable for our small business clients. We can help you set that up too!

some of our customers:

GoAnimate Animated Video

Vyond (GoAnimate) Animated Videos

The URL Dr offers full animation and voice over services using the Vyond (GoAnimate) animation system. From custom characters made to look like your real personnel (or famous people) to custom props and logos imported into the system, we can customize your animated videos to bring out your company’s personality and get your message across. Animation is perfect for e-learning, sales presentations, HR, social media, commercials, and more.

WordPress Training for Beginners

Screencast Video

If you have an online software product that you need to teach employees or customers how to use, screencast video is the perfect (and cheaper) alternative to webinars and one-on-one Skype or conference calls. Our staff learns your software, takes your direction for what you want taught, creates the script, screen captures the activity, professionally edits everything together, and adds intros, exits, and voice over. Ask us about the possibilities with your software.

PowerPoint Video

PowerPoint Video

Whether you have a presentation from a conference that you want to make available online to a larger audience or want to turn PowerPoint presentations into online e-learning videos, we offer full recording, editing, and voice over of PowerPoints. We’ll give your boring old PowerPoint a whole new life.

Watch Samples of Our Video Work

YouTube Style Video w/B-Roll

Screencast Video

PowerPoint Video

Live + Animated Video

Vyond (GoAnimate) & Screencast

Live w/Animated Intro & Exit