Which LMS is best for your course?

With so many learning management systems (LMS) to choose from, it can be a bit daunting to try and figure out which one to use. You can pay anywhere from $39 all the way to thousands of dollars a month for an LMS system. Every system comes with different functions and features, from SCORM compliancy to shopping carts, gamification to interactive pictures and elements. The URL Dr will help you assess your needs and your budget to determine which LMS system is the best for your project and your long term needs.

Some of our customers:
Teachable LMS for E-Learning

Our Favorite Non-SCORM Compatible System

Our favorite learning management system when SCORM and TINCAN are not a requirement is Teachable. We’ve been recommending this system to small business clients and authors for the past four years. At a starting price of $39 a month for an unlimited number of users, it can’t be beat. Features includes quizzes, certifications, a built-in affiliate program, shopping cart, and multiple sales pages. The URL dr offers Teachable setup packages starting at $550.

TalentLMS E-learning system

Our Favorite SCORM Compatible LMS

If you require SCORM or TINCAN compatibility, our recommendation for small and mid-sized businesses is Talent LMS. This system offers two pricing models, one for total number of users and one for total number of active users starting at $59 a month. Talent LMS can be used with any courses designed in Articulate Rise 360 or Adobe Captivate, which are authoring tools of choice for SCORM compliant courses.

Learning Management System LMS Set Up

Our Only LMS Suggestion for WordPress

If you want to host your online courses on your WordPress website, the only choice in our book is LearnDash. (This is what The URL dr uses for our online courses which you can see in The Small Business Academy.) LearnDash has SCORM and TINCAN compatibility and has the capacity for an endless number of customizations with plugins like AffiliateWP, WooCommerce, WooCommerce Subscription, Paid Memberships Pro, and more. The URL dr exclusively hosts WordPress websites with managed hosting solutions and experience in sites with e-learning requirements.

Proprietary LMS Systems

Many of our clients come to use with existing LMS systems that have been designed internally or open source systems that have been customized for their uses. We have worked and consulted around many different types of learning management systems. We’re always happy to review what your company has in place and work within the parameters of your system.

Learning Management System (LMS) Case Studies

Teachable LMS System

E-learning has gone to the dogs

Good Dog in a Box needed an LMS system that allowed an unlimited number of users to access their system for a flat fee that would issue certificates to students who watched their content. Teachable was the perfect system for this use case. The site was programmed to by-pass Teachable’s payment system and use Good Dog’s website for online course purchases, as well as the company’s sister site, Good Dog Pro. The URL dr set up Teachable and integrated the LMS with WordPress, WooCommerce, MailChimp, and Affiliate WP. Read the full case study.

The URL Dr uses LearnDash

Are we allowed to be our own case study? Why not?! Our LMS system here on our site is built in LearnDash. “The Small Business Academy” is home to hundreds of e-learning videos on a variety of subjects related to small business and online marketing. We customized LearnDash with WooCommerce, Affiliate WP, Paid Membership Pro, WooCommerce Subscriptions, CartFlows, and Gravity Forms. Our own WP managed hosting keeps everything running smoothly.

LearnDash LMS System Setup


Yes, we can. We offer consulting services to help you choose the perfect LMS system.

Yes. We can set up your LMS system from scratch or work with an existing system. We can add your courses once we have your LMS system set up. We can also help you manage your LMS system.

Yes. We specialize in LearnDash and hosting LearnDash websites. Contact us for more information and a quote.

We suggest you allow at least three to five weeks, depending on how many courses we are setting up for you. Please contact us for a quote on your specific project.

The first thing we’ll have you do is fill out an onboarding questionnaire that gives you the opportunity to tell us what you want your finished course to look like. We’ll need provided content or existing curriculum materials, videos, any provided graphics or images you want us to use, any PDFs or downloads, and your logo in a .png file format.

We have fixed setup fees for certain LMS systems that we deal with frequently. Contact us for a quote.


“Can I lend a hand?”

As CEO of The URL dr, developing e-learning courses and teaching is a passion. From curriculum development and instructional design, to video and animation, my team and I specialize in helping you tell a story, teach a process, and empower your audience with knowledge. We’re here to work with you and bring your material to life.

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