Gamification in business. Gamification in education.

KnowledgePLAY is a whole new twist on gamification in business. Our animated games are designed in Storyline as SCORM files, and combine learning with themed games. Choose from pirates, the wild west, sports, superheros, and more. Whether you’re using gamification in business or healthcare, gamification for employee engagement or customer engagement, we put a whole new spin on your e-learning courses.

Your content. Our gamification KnowledgePLAY games.

Why should e-learning be boring? Our new online micro courses take your content and present it in an interactive game that makes learning fun. 

Micro E-learning Gamification in Business

Explore all the game options

Pick the gamification in business theme that will resonate the best with your learners.

Gamification for education with superheros
Gamification in learning with sports games
Gamification in learning with Pirate games
Gamification in healthcare with sports games
Gamification in business
Gamification for employee engagement
Gamification LMS E-learning Platform

Choose the gamification LMS platform for your games

Use our LMS platform and forego the price of development or let us design you a custom LearnWorlds LMS just for your content.

Choices in Gamification LMS 

You have the choice of using our LearnWorlds gamification LMS system with a custom registration page, eliminating the development expense of your own LMS, or we’ll custom design a LearnWorlds LMS for your own courses at a flat rate. 

Use Your Own LMS 

If you have an existing LMS, choose to purchase our games and own them without any user fees. Pick the option that works best for your learning program and your budget.

Want more than one game?

Learning stays fresh and exciting with new gamification for employee engagement or gamification for customer engagement games delivered throughout the year.

Multiple Gamification Courses

If you want to keep things exciting for your team, choose a plan with multiple gamification courses that you can change and introduce throughout the year. Learners stay engaged and actually look forward to new games being released.

Customized Gamification 

Choose from two or four courses dripped into your account over a twelve month period. Each course is customized with your content. Contact us for more information about gamification in business.

Gamification for employee engagement
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Developing custom e-learning solutions with Articulate Storyline and Rise 360 allow our creativity to come shining through. Our e-learning course development services have been used by both Fortune 500s and small business. Unlike many custom e-learning development companies, 100% of our work is produced here in the US. Our instructional designers will help bring your course to life. Let’s talk about how we can work together.

We’ll make your course look fabulous!

Have questions about a Project?

E-learning and video projects can be quite involved, with a lot of moving pieces. If you’re new to the world of e-learning, or even if you’ve been in the space for years. We’re happy to provide you with answers. Check out or FAQ’s page, chat with us, or email us at

LMS systems to serve your courses

Learning management systems (LMS) will make or break your online learning experience for your audience. Don’t let a bad LMS system ruin a fabulous course. Our LMS consulting services can help you choose, setup, and manage your system.

In need of other e-learning services?

LearnWorlds LMS

Our favorite SCORM compatible LMS system. LearnWorlds is a flat fee pricing model, has a ton of features and comes with an app.

Articulate Rise

Rise gives your course the professional image and interactive capabilities to make learning fun and memorable.

Explainer Video

When you need how-to videos that walk learners through a series of steps or a software app.