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Critical training videos for Ethicon

a division of Johnson & Johnson

Ethicon, Inc. is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The company has manufactured surgical sutures and wound closure devices since 1887. It became part of Johnson & Johnson in 1949. The URL dr got introduced to Ethicon through Upwork. We have helped the professional education department with video creation and video editing through numerous projects over the past several years. Ethicon remains one of our staff’s favorite customers.

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Sandy Youssef
Sandy Youssef
Manager of Professional Education
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“Amazing! Kim and her team are phenomenal. I could not believe how quickly they completed the project and with such stellar results. It only took one live meeting to describe what I wanted and before I knew it, the job was complete. Her response time was immediate for any questions I had or edits I requested. I will definitely be using Kim again for my future projects. So glad I was able to find her!!"

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Ethicon's Challenge

Sandy Youssef, manager of professional education at Ethicon, had been working with another company to create and edit video for her department. She was frustrated in how difficult it was to deal with them and they would always come back to her with astronomical pricing.

She started to look for another company to work with on her video needs. A colleague recommended she look for new vendor on Upwork, the world’s largest freelance marketplace. Sandy took the suggestion and found The URL dr., a top-rated Upwork freelancer and agency, with a 100% job satisfaction score.

Our Solution

When Sandy contacted us we were quick to respond with a quote that Sandy found very reasonable in terms of the cost of the project. She gave us a try and hasn’t looked back.

Sandy at Ethicon has been a customer for over two years. She provides The URL dr with raw video footage of various products and educational events, that we edit, enhance with graphics add background music if needed, and return to the client. Ethicon uses the video internally and externally.

Sandy jokingly says, “It’s just fast and it’s exactly what I’m asking for. It’s like you guys can read my mind, which is fantastic.” Don’t tell Sandy, but it’s actually our background and experience in developing e-learning courses, teaching, and training, that helps us know exactly what Sandy needs in her videos. Our video staff love to work on Sandy’s projects because they are always interesting, challenging, and give us the opportunity to help Ethicon get important information out about their products and how to use them.

"The quality of the videos has been phenomenal with very minimal direction. It's just amazing what your team does. Your team just takes that and runs with it. "

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