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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Management

We’ll set up all your on-page SEO elements, develop a content marketing and link building campaign, then improve your search engine rankings on a continual basis.

SEO Audits

Find out why no one can find your website, before you pay to have it redesigned. The URL Dr. looks at on-page & off-page SEO elements, plus website usability. Learn more about SEO Audits…

Search Optimization Set Up

We set it up (keyword research, on-page SEO elements, content), then turn it over to you to manage. We’ll make recommendations for web usability and link building, too.

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Keyword Research

Our Keyword Research uncovers the terms and phrases your prospective customers are using to find products and services like yours, online. Using the correct keywords in your content and on your website, will help to bring the most qualified traffic to your site. Every Search Optimization project or SEO audit starts with the keywords.

    • Research your core industry terms and branded terms
    • Analyze the competition for your most important keywords
    • Determine geographic relevance of your keyword terms
    • Analyze historical traffic and conversion data
    • Review top 25 keywords currently in place
Keyword Research for SEO

Link Building SEO Audit

Link Building

Quality links from other websites, pointing to yours, is a must to move up in the search rankings. We’ll help you build a legitimate, quality link building program that increases the number of relevant sites linking to your website.

  • Only “white hat,” best practices are used for link building
  • Analyze current and past activities for Penguin and Google penalties
  • We do not use automated linking tools, our linking is done by hand, with a human eye on every link request
  • Hand place directory listings and citations
  • Link building is strategically timed so as not to appear unnatural

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Content & On-Page SEO

Content is king. For a successful Search Optimization program, you must continually create unique content for your website. We’ll write content for you or coach you through the process. We’ll also optimize all the on page elements of your website.

    • Optimization of title tags and meta descriptions
    • Optimize alt tags, photos, h1 & h2 tags, anchor text
    • Optimize current content on site
Content - On Page SEO

Google Analytics


We use a combination of Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Moz Analytics, and others to track the success and progress of your Search Optmization campaign. Monthly reports show the movement of your keywords in search engine placement, relevancy scores, and inbound links. We also track traffic on your site and conversion points to gauge success and ROI.

  • Google Analytics and Google Analytics Goals
  • Key Result Indicators (KRIs) developed for your company’s unique business model
  • Analyze historical data, competition, and monthly progress
  • Utilize tools such as Google Webmaster Tools & Moz Analytics

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Search Engine Optimization Process

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign takes more time to execute than a PPC campaign. Search Optimization can take several months before the true benefits are visible. The URL Dr. keeps a watchful eye on conversion levels to assess how the program is progressing. If an element of your website is hurting conversions, testing with Google Website Optimizer may be used to prove what the best changes would be.

If we as marketers and executives listen to what the customer tells us through testing, we’ll collectively create a top converting and profitable website.

Our Search Optimization packages are available as a stand alone service or as part of an integrated inbound marketing campaign. We usually recommend starting with an SEO Audit to have a clear understanding of the current situation.

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