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A book review of “Content Inc.” by Joe Pulizzi

Content Inc by Joe Pulizzi

I’m a big Joe Pulizzi fan (even though he wears a lot of orange…sorry Joe…not a fan of orange). I read his previous book, “Epic Content Marketing” and thought it was a great read. I’m on his email list and regularly get content and information from the Content Marketing Institute. So I was eager to read his latest, “Content Inc.” when it came out a few months ago.

I had originally bought this as an audio book and like it so much, I went back to Amazon and bought the Kindle version. The premise of the book is developing an audience through content marketing first. Why build a company and a product if there aren’t enough people out there interested in what you’re hawking in the first place?

“Content Inc.” provides a roadmap for developing an audience through niche based content. The first step is identifying the “sweet spot” by taking a subject that you have knowledge about and mixing it with a subject that you’re passionate about. This needs to be a subject area that over time, will attract an audience.

Step two is the “content tilt.” As an entrepreneur, you need to find what makes your message different. You need to refine that message into a niche that you can own. What is unique and different about you and what you’re doing? Find the hole that’s not being met by anyone else.

Then in step three, you’re going to “build the base.” You will be consistently publishing quality content in one core channel on a consistent and frequent basis. Whether you choose Facebook or a blog or YouTube doesn’t matter. The idea is that you’re going to be turning out original content at least 3 times a week, better still, 5 times a week.

Step four is “harvesting the audience.” Now that you’ve got people reading your content, you need to turn them into regular readers and capture their email addresses and sign them up as subscribers. Your goal here is to increase the opportunity to acquire an audience and the number one metric is subscribers.

After you’ve built your subscriber base, step five, “diversification,” comes in. Now that you’re built a loyal following and your audience is growing, it’s time to diversify into additional channels. If you started with a blog, now is time to move into social media. If you started with Facebook, now it’s time to start tweeting on Twitter too. You get it.

Finally, in step six, you’ll “monetize” your content marketing activities by introducing the product or service you had dreamed of at the onset of your content activities.

Joe goes into great detail and has awesome suggestions through each step on exactly how you can make this work for your company. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but Joe regularly tells the story of how he’s built his multi-million dollar company with very little marketing and advertising expenditures.

Five stars to Joe and “Content Inc.” I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend it highly.

Have you read “Content Inc?” What did you think? Share how content marketing has worked for your company.

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