Top 20 Things to Look for in a Learning Management System (LMS)

Top 20 Things to Look for in a Learning Management System (LMS)

Wondering what to look for in a LMS? Check out these 20 factors to consider

Learning management systems (LMS) are a necessity for e-learning and online training programs. An LMS houses e-learning courses, manages all the learners and their progress, provides reporting and analytics data, and becomes the single source of truth for learning and development departments.

Without the proper learning management system, organization may struggle to identify areas for improvement or measure ROI when it comes to online learning initiatives. To fully experience the effectiveness of an online training program, organizations must invest in the right LMS system.

When shopping for an LMS system, use this list of the top 20 tips and things to look for in a learning management system and  identify what is important to your organization and learners.

Ready to choose your LMS? Here’s Your Top 20 LMS Checklist

1. SCORM compatibility for interactive courses

2. Easy to use page builder with templates

3. The ability to build out the pages of the LMS into a full-blown website

4. Integrated e-commerce shopping cart

5. Open API for custom programming

6. Automated workflows

7. Affiliate program

8. Ability to manually upload new users into the system in bulk

9. Built-in surveys and net promoter scores

10. Certificate generation when a course is completed

11. Excellent reporting capabilities and analytics

12. Ability to sell and manage B2B course sales

13. Community features

14. Blended-learning capabilities with Zoom integration for live taught classes

15. Form builder for lead generation collection

16. Ability to sell courses individually or as part of a bundle or subscription

17. Integration capabilities with your favorite SAAS based tools

18. Enterprise level capabilities so you won’t outgrow it

19. Email capabilities

20. AND a flat fee pricing model

For our recommendation on the best LMS to choose, read “What is the Best LMS Platform for Selling Online Courses” and “Learning Management Systems (LMS) – The Definitive Guide.”

Need help picking the right LMS for your online training? Contact us for a free consultation. 

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