Don’t Hate Me For Loving David Meerman Scott

In the upcoming week, I’m paying tribute to one of my favorite online marketing and pr gurus, David Meerman Scott. I love David Meerman Scott. I’m not afraid to admit it (although please don’t tell our spouses). Love and admiration aside, I think David’s books are a must read by any small business owner and / or anyone that deals in online marketing and ecommerce. So, I’ll be reviewing my favorites in this book review series that I’m calling: “Don’t Hate Me For Loving David Meerman Scott.”

First up…The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Social Media, Blogs, News Releases, Online Video, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers Directly, 2nd Edition

“New Rules” details how the internet has completely shattered the rules of traditional marketing and public relations. It’s not about contacting the press to sell your story. It’s not about posting a brochure of your product offering. It’s not about using propaganda to sell your wares.

The New Rules are about having a voice and taking part in a conversation. It’s about solving problems for people and educating. It’s about establishing yourself and your company as a trusted resource, an expert at whatever it is that you do. It’s about new ways to reach people.

It doesn’t matter how customers find you, just that they do. Your job is to create great content that informs and educates your potential customers. We’re reminded once again, that it all comes back to content, plain and simple. Put your message out there in as many different formats as you can. Each form reaches a different audience that could be interested in your product or service. Great content can come in the form of white papers, e-books, email newsletters, webinars, wikis, photos, blogs, videos, and podcasts.

Remember this is not supposed to be a brochure or a sales pitch. Use examples and stories to make what you do interesting. Meerman Scott tells us to research who is visiting our site and to know what their questions are, their motivations, and the problems they need help solving. The people who learn information from you are more likely to hire you or buy your products when they need it.

Targeting potential customers with the new rules of marketing has us using various forms of social media to start conversations.  These conversations are giving our companies a human voice, allowing us to differentiate ourselves and our services from the competition, and connecting us with networks of potential clients. The book outlines great suggestions for blogging, social networking, video and podcasting.

I was especially interested in the new rules of news releases. Press releases have had a makeover in the 21st century. As business owners we don’t just send news releases to the press anymore, we’re sending them online where the masses can find them. They are bringing potential customers directly to us, as well as bloggers and journalists who may be interested in our story. We’re writing news releases with the same keyword-rich language that we build into our web sites, with the same positive effects. Meerman Scott also outlines how to reach the media and how to pitch your story to them.

Going back to basics, success is in the planning. “New Rules” tells us how to build a marketing and pr plan that works with your company’s goals. After setting goals, identify buyer personas and determine the best ways to reach buyers with compelling content. Develop an editorial plan for your.

All in all, The New Rules of Marketing and PRredefines how we all will be doing business today and in the years ahead. Meerman Scott reminds us that, “Marketing is more than just advertising. PR is more than just a media audience. On the web, the lines between marketing and PR have blurred.”

Next up, “Real-Time Marketing & PR.”

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