Transcription and Closed Captioning Options for Video

Sonix is hands down, the best choice

Closed Captioning and Transcription Services

Owning a company that deals in e-learning, needless to say we create a great deal of video content. Animation, b-roll, live shot, online recorded, the list goes on and on. With more people accessing training online, we’ve received more requests for videos that are ADA compliant and accessible to a diverse group of learners. In some areas of the world, like Ontario, Canada, for instance, accessibility in video and e-learning is the law and our end product has to be adapted to fit those requirements.

Using animation tools like Vyond, we were challenged with how to integrate closed captioning into our video. This is not a feature in Vyond. The workaround is to hand apply the closed captioning in an editing tool such as Camtasia, but this is hugely labor intensive.

We’ve tried online transcription software tools, but the results have been less than stellar. The built in tool with BuzzSprout, for example, a podcasting service, was so inaccurate, that we literally had to rewrite more than half of the transcribed script.

Luckily, a new client suggested, an automated transcription and translation service. It was simple to use and had direct integration with Dropbox. In a few minutes, our videos had been uploaded into the system, transcribed, and were ready for review. The accuracy of the transcription was nothing less than amazing! 100% accuracy in our test of the software service.

Features like a custom dictionary, speaker labeling, and the ability to add notes or comments directly in your transcript make Sonix an absolute necessity for anyone transcribing video and adding closed captioning.

And speaking of closed captioning, it can quickly and easily be burned into your video, with different font, size, and background choices to provide a look and feel that matches your videos. From start to finish in a matter of minutes.

At $10 an hour for the Standard Plan or $5 an hour for the Premium Plan with a $22 per user per month pricing structure, Sonix hands down beats any other transcription service available online. Their model works across forty plus languages, dialects, and accents, which increases it’s value and usability. All-in-all a fantastic addition to any video or animation producer’s toolbox. Check it out at

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