LearnDash Development in WordPress

LearnDash learning management systems (LMS) built in WordPress offers all the benefits of an open source website. Unlike proprietary third party systems, just about anything is possible in LearnDash. We offer a variety of custom programming options, along with plugin development, to get your website to perform in the manner that fits your business model. We also utilize the Uncanny Owl suite of plugins that are especially designed for e-learning functionality. There are a lot of moving pieces to an LMS development project and we’re here to help. From consulting to production, our experts know LearnDash inside and out. Get a quote or call us for a free consultation.

LearnDash LMS Design Specialties


If you want to sell your courses, LearnDash offers the ability to sell courses individually or as a subscription. Group sales and bundled sales are also possible.

Membership Sites

Want to sell subscriptions or put together a membership site? We’ve developed a variety of custom websites for clients who have members.

Web Hosting

WordPress web hosting is the only kind that we do. Our servers are configured and optimized exclusively for WordPress and LearnDash websites.

Group Management

From group management and registration pages to mass emailing functionality and bulk user imports, we can make managing large groups of users easy.

SCORM Courses

We specialize in building LearnDash sites that work with SCORM courses. If your courses were built in Articulate Storyline or Articulate Rise 360, we can accommodate your files.

API / Custom Integrations

Our websites need to talk to other sites and apps. We can integrate your site with other vendors, suppliers, and online marketing systems to share information back and forth.

Custom Forms

Custom forms can collect lead gen names and information, offer registration options, and allow for options in the shopping cart. We use Gravity Forms as one custom form option.

LearnDash Consulting

If you need help figuring out what your project needs, we’ve got you covered. We’re available on an hourly consulting basis to assist with project planning, implementation, and training.

Community Sites

We can help you build a connected audience of followers and customers through a community site. We use BuddyBoss, BuddyPress, and a variety of other applications to add functionality to WordPress.

LearnDash E-learning LMS Development

LearnDash Web Hosting

After your LearnDash website is developed, you’ll need reliable, robust web hosting to keep your site in front of your audience with no hiccups. LearnDash sites offer their own nuances to hosting and need to be addressed differently than a traditional static page WordPress site. The URL dr offers professional, managed WordPress web hosting especially for LearnDash LMS sites. We exclusively host WordPress websites, so our environment and services are honed to the nuances of WordPress and your site. Learn more about WordPress web hosting for LearnDash…


“Can I lend a hand?”

As CEO of The URL dr, WordPress web design and e-commerce has been at the core of our services for more than fourteen years. From WooCommerce to LearnDash to custom integrations, my team and I specialize in helping you get in front of your audience with a site that converts traffic to sales. We’re here to work with you and bring your material to life.

We’ll make you look fabulous!

Visit some of the websites we’ve developed for clients

Dogsurance LMS site


This LearnDash site uses WooCommerce for e-commerce, has an affiliate plan, and sells physical and virtual products. The courses were designed in Articulate Rise 360 in SCORM files.


eSavvy Health

eSavvy combines a LearnDash LMS system with a membership site that has an extensive content library for members. An advanced search function allows users to save articles to their account.


Diversity Women

Diversity Women Media had The URL dr design this site to sell leadership courses. It features a LearnDash LMS with courses designed in Articulate Rise, a WooCommerce shopping cart, and group management with Uncanny Owl.



This site features a LearnDash LMS system to house eighteen courses designed in Articulate Rise for the trucking industry. The site includes two indexes of industry terms, transportation calculators, lead gen forms, and a WooCommerce shopping cart.

Texas Court Classes LearnDash LMS Site

Texas Court Classes

Texas Court Classes provided on-demand courses mandated by the Texas court system, as well as instructor led courses over Zoom. This site was built with group management and Adwords conversion optimization.

Equality CA LearnDash Site

Equality California

Equality CA moved from another LMS system into a custom LearnDash site. SCORM files were uploaded and advanced reporting functionality was implemented to keep track of user progress for certification.

Poised Life LearnDash Site

Poised Life

Poised Life markets in the B2B sector, so their LearnDash site was built with group management, membership, subscriptions, and the ability to sell courses individually. This site was designed with courses produced in Articulate Rise 360.

Leaping With Lisa LearnDash

Leaping with Lisa

Leaping with Lisa saw a surge of thousands of users shortly after launch. Utilizing our enterprise level LearnDash hosting, we were able to keep the site up and available 100% of the time.

LearnDash site development in wordpress

We practice what we preach. We use LearnDash on this site and offer courses to our team members, clients, and the general public. Our new KnowledgePlay gamification line uses group management and custom registration pages for client users.

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