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    Kim interviews small business professionals to give you expert advice on navigating the Freelance Economy.

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About The Freelance Economy Podcast

Kim Merritt has been living the entrepreneurial dream (and sometimes nightmare) since she started her first company, Kim’s Khocolate, at the age of eleven. After making 18,000 candy bars for her high school’s fundraiser, Kim graduated early and went into business. When Guy Kawasaki read about her, he invited her to make Khocolate for Apple, and the rest is history. They became her largest client along with The Rolling Stones, Range Rover, AT&T, Bausch & Lomb among others.

But it was after her second company, an e-commerce company in the late 2000’s, went bankrupt, that Kim was led into freelancing. Her current company, The URL Dr, a digital marketing agency that specializes in the creation of e-learning content for businesses that want to teach and train online, uses online freelancing sites like Upwork, as a lead generation tool and to meet staffing needs.

Kim has been speaking and educating business owners and entrepreneurs on how to make money with the freelance economy since 2016. She feels confident that there is financial freedom, life balance, and the power to lead your own destiny through freelancing.

The Freelance Economy is a video podcast dedicated to sharing information about freelancing, online freelance sites, and how to make money from home. On the flip side, there will be guests and discussions aimed at small businesses and how they can grow through utilizing online freelance sites and best practices to work with freelancers. We’ll have a variety of guests from both the freelancing world and the small business world, sharing information that listeners can use to achieve growth and stability in uncertain times. Join The Freelance Economy!

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