You Can’t Ignore Mobile In Your Business Any Longer

How the growth of mobile technology is impacting your ability to be found online

Are Your Website and Marketing Mobile Friendly Online Learning

The growth of mobile technology has changed the way the world communicates. It also has changed the way all of us market and advertise our businesses. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, if your emails aren’t designed for mobile, if you’re not using social networks that are increasing in popularity with mobile usage, then you could be nothing less than invisible to your online audience.

Did you know that 67% of email is opened on a mobile device? That’s a staggering number. Just because you don’t read all your email on a smartphone, doesn’t mean your clients and prospects aren’t. Whether you’re a B2C, B2B, or a non-profit, it’s time to get into the 21st century and embrace mobile marketing.

Our webinar, “Are Your Website and Marketing Mobile Friendly,” provides simple and practical tips for adapting your marketing and advertising messages to mobile devices. You’ll learn how audiences are using mobile to find what they need, make decisions, buy products and services, even make donations.

This presentation covers website design, email design, and social media for mobile.

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