WordCamp Raleigh 2010

I had the opportunity last week to attend WordCamp Raleigh 2010. WordCamp is a conference that is all about WordPress. The event was designed for the beginning blogger who is just getting started to the hard core developers that are shaping the look and feel of WordPress. WordCamps are held around the world. You can find the full schedule at WordCamp Central.

WordCamp Raleigh was organized into three user tracks, one for beginning bloggers, one for advanced bloggers, and one for developers. The event lasted for a day and a half. At a $35 registration fee, it was well worth the money. I found I was well past the beginning track and could have taught the first presentation I went to, but when I switched to the more advanced sessions, I learned some very interesting information.

Now maybe I don’t get out enough, but I mistakenly thought that WordPress was just for blogs. I had no idea that people were designing and using WordPress themes for entire websites. I also learned about free plugins to take your WordPress site and turn it into an online store.

Since I’m too detail oriented to talk about, I took notes on each of the sessions that I attended. I’ll be blogging about each one and linking to them here, so check back over the next week or so. I’ll also be blogging about two projects I’m currently working on where I’ll be taking two online websites and redesigning them using WordPress themes.

All in all, WordCamp Raleigh was an eye opening experience into what I believe is the best blogging platform available. If you are interested in blogging, I would highly recommend attending.

Individual Session Blogs: Tracy Needham – “It’s Easy to Create Killer Content for Your Blog”

Jeffrey Cohen – “Business Blogging Best Practices”

Wayne Sutton – “Using WordPress to Build Your Brand”

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