When You Don’t Know What to Expect Next

Ideas for small business and freelancers to be agile and open for change in today’s environment

What do you do when the unexpected happens? A market disappears. A new competitor shows up and takes your business away. A pandemic happens and your sales dry up. It’s time to pivot and pivot quick.

Today’s episode features Kim x 2 with guest Kim Sherman-Labrum of the Boise Idaho SBDC. Kim has been helping small business pivot and build new markets as an SBDC counselor for more than a decade. Get ideas on how to thrive during difficult times and grow your business instead of losing it.

Kim shares different methods of selling products and services online to increase market share. She also discusses Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) and how they can help small businesses and freelancers get started and grow through a variety of free services and free counseling.

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