Q&A With The URL Dr. – What are Garbage Links?

Q&A With The URL Dr. – What are Garbage Links?

In this week’s webinar, “How to Market Your Small Business or Non-Profit Online,” The URL Dr. answered questions about core marketing concepts.   Here’s an excerpt from our Q&A session:


“What are garbage links?”


“Inbound links, these are other websites that are linking to your website, but they don’t have anything to do with your business.  They’re not relevant.  Years ago it was very popular to buy links from ‘link farms.’  They would attach links to your website from thousands of other websites all over the place or overseas that didn’t have anything to do with your company.  When you hear companies talk about being penalized a lot of the time this is what this is from.”

“That they have links coming in from websites that have nothing to do with you, i.e. gambling sites or internet schemes.  That kind of stuff you do not want attached to your website.  You don’t want companies like that linking to you.  You don’t want to ask companies like that to link to you.  You want sites that have something to do with your business, with your industry, with your community.  Things that are relevant, good websites that people visit that your types of customers would be on that could link to you.  That kind of traffic will help you.  Are you a member of the Chamber of Commerce?  Be sure you have a link from the Chamber’s website into your site.  If you are in the flower business and you’ve got vendors of particular types of flowers, do they, on their websites, have listings of all the companies that sell their products?  Make sure that they have a listing.  Those are the types of good listings that you want to get.”

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And, watch the entire webinar, “How to Market Your Small Business or Non-Profit Online.”


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