We’re a Constant Contact Accredited Solution Provider

Constant Contact Platinum Level Solution Provider



Last Friday, The URL Dr. became an Accredited Solution Provider of Constant Contact email and marketing products. Constant Contact’s newly launched accreditation program recognizes solution providers that have completed additional training to higher quality services to clients.

To coincide with the launch, The URL Dr. has introduced several new social media and email plans aimed at small businesses that want to enhance their online presence. The Facebook & Email Campaign combines Constant Contact email marketing with the power of Facebook. Custom like gate pages on Facebook through Constant Contact’s Social Share product are part of the power pack. The Social Media and Email Campaign combines Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and a Constant Contact email marketing program. Custom Email Marketing packages from The URL Dr. are also available. Contact us today, for more information.

Engagement Marketing Book - The URL Dr.

The URL Dr. with Constant Contact CEO Gail Goodman’s book that was sent as a gift for achieving Accreditation

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