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Do you need a promotional video to advertise a new product or a how-to video walking a user through a piece of software? The URL Dr offers a variety of video editing services to help you produce the perfect branding or instruction for your audience. Our video editing software of choice is Camtasia. We use Camtasia exclusively for audio and video editing and production.

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How-to Screen Capture Video

Screen Capture & Screencast

The URL Dr offers full animation and voice over services using the Vyond (GoAnimate) animation system. From custom characters made to look like your real personnel (or famous people) to custom props and logos imported into the system, we can customize your animated videos to bring out your company’s personality and get your message across. Animation is perfect for e-learning, sales presentations, HR, social media, commercials, and more.

Promotional B-roll Video with Captions

Promotional Videos

Our video services can take your raw footage and combine it with b-roll video or animation to give you a top notch, high quality promotional video that will make you look fantastic! Don’t have your own footage? No worries. We have access to hundreds of thousands of b-roll video clips that we can combine with background music and close captioning to give you a great promotional video for your website or social media.

Screen Capture Screencast

How-To Videos

Do you need to show customers how to use your new software? Perhaps you have in-house processes you need to teach employees. Whatever your “how-to” is, we can help you demonstrate it with clear direction through voice over scripting that explains the steps and graphically enhanced video that draws the user’s attention to different focal points on the screen.

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B-roll Promotional Video

Screencast Video

B-roll Product Info Video

Vyond Animation & Screencast

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