The URL Dr Wins Constant Contact 2017 All Star Award

Back-to-back All Star Awards for Kim Butler

Kim Butler Constant Contact All Star Award Winner 2017

I’m honored to have been voted for the second year in a row, a Constant Contact All Star Award winner. As a CC solution provider for more than five years and an email marketing advocate, I love to share my knowledge and success with email marketing to small business clients.

I started many years ago with Constant Contact and had been an active participant in their Authorized Local Expert program, where I gave CC presentations and webinars. I’ve been able to speak at various events including Blog Paws and with the SBDC, about email marketing and how to get better results using it.

At The URL Dr, I provide clients with a variety of email marketing services from setting up accounts to segmenting lists, designing custom templates to managing full blown email campaigns. One of the hidden gems of email marketing that I suggest to clients is the use of autoresponders for email drip campaigns. Autoresponders are a series of timed emails that deploy over several days, weeks, or months, and can be used for selling, onboarding, training, and keeping in touch with customers.

I not only work in Constant Contact’s email system, but MailChimp, among others.

If your company or organization needs help with email marketing, consider our services or one of our various training solutions, including online learning, live presentations, or one-on-one trainings. I’ve shared one of our training videos below. Enjoy and remember email isn’t dead!

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