Kim Butler, The URL Dr., to Speak at PLPA College

Pet Loss Professionals Alliance College features The URL Dr.

PLPA College - Kim Butler

Finally, a speaking event where I can bring all my different lives together. The Pet Loss Professionals Alliance, a division of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association (ICCFA) is a unique experience for me as a speaker. I usually don’t get the opportunity to cover every genre in my past, but this group is truly a collection of “my people.”

Many don’t know that I was raised in the funeral business. My grandparents started a funeral home and ambulance service in 1950, in Cumberland, MD. My parents joined the business in the sixties and it is the small, family business environment I grew up in. Some would wrinkle a nose at the thought of growing up around death, but for me, it was part of life.

Those of us with similar backgrounds can commiserate with one another, since this is truly not an upbringing or lifestyle that the general public knows or understands much. Funeral directors have a unique way of looking at the world and it explains a lot when you get to know me. Yes, I had birthday parties in the funeral home, rode in the hearse to school, used to play hide and seek in the casket show room, and even had my wedding reception in our funeral home (it was nicer than the local country club).

So on October 3rd, when I get the opportunity to speak at the PLPA College in Indian Wells, CA, I will be speaking to a group of people that can truly understand where I come from. In addition, I cofounded a pet related business two years ago. Good Dog in a Box is an e-commerce company that sells reward based dog training subscription boxes and products to help improve your life with your dog. I’ve gotten to know many wonderful people in the pet industry and the PLPA will be yet another extension of that.

But the real reason I’m speaking to the PLPA is to share my decades of experience as an online marketing and small business professional. In my presentation, that was premiered at the ASBDC Conference in Nashville, “Work Smarter No Harder – 25 Time Saving Tools for Professionals” will walk attendees through a group of my favorite apps and websites to help stressed out people regain work life balance through the use of technology. I’ll throw in a quip here and there about my experiences with pets and the funeral business (how could I not?!) throughout the presentation and end with a lively Q&A session.

I’ll be attending the entire conference and will be available throughout for discussions and questions from the PLPA College members. Look forward to meeting new friends in Indian Wells in October.

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