Top 10 Tips to Get More Fans with Facebook Ads

If you ever questioned the importance of using Facebook for your business, consider than 51% of consumers are more likely to buy a product brand after Liking them on FB. Even more interesting is the fact that on average 53% of people follow a business vs. 32% who follow a celebrity. Wow! Does that mean your Facebook page is more popular than Lady Gaga’s? Well, no. But it does mean that your business can’t ignore Facebook as a integral part of your online marketing and social media efforts.

So how do you capture a couple of the 100,000,000 Page Likes that happen every day? Chris Luo, head of global small business marketing at Facebook recently shared 10 tips to accelerate fan growth with Facebook ads. This is part 2 of the Facebook Small Business webinar series that focuses on how to use Facebook for business.

10 Tips to Accelerate Your Fan Growth with Facebook Ads:

  1. Indentify Your Audience – Facebook has powerful targeting options. Who of the 900 million people that visit FB every month do you want to reach? Don’t miss the opportunity to target several different types of audiences that could impact your business.
  2. Understand Your Target Options – I think we all knew that you can target by geography (city, state, country, zip code) and by demographics (gender, language, education, status). But, did you know that you can target by job title and workplace? This gives you the ability to focus on particular companies or positions. You can also target people by the likes and interests they’ve set (tv shows, movies, politics, religion, music, books, hobbies). For job titles and workplace, just type them into “Precise Interests.” Chris suggested not to have targets below 10,000 to 25,000 in the reach of your ad.
  3. Use Good Images – Use bold colors. Maybe don’t use blue as the predominant color since so much of FB’s background is blue. Test different color strategies and see which ones have the best conversion rates.
  4. Include a Strong Call-to-Action – Give people a reason to click through. Spark their interest. Use catchy copy.
  5. Set Objectives & Budget – There is a new updated creative flow that is being rolled out. If your objective is to get Likes, you won’t need to bid and optimize, Facebook will do it for you. If your objective is to get Clicks, you’ll have a choice to set the CPC (although FB recommends staying within their suggested range). If you don’t have this option screen available yet, be looking for it soon.
  6. Set Up Multiple Campaigns / Ads – 4 or more campaigns at the minimum are suggested. Set up different campaigns targeting different users, different age groups, and different demographics.
  7. Launch & Find Out Which Ones Are Working For You – Be sure and monitor your results. If you’re not watching your analytics and reporting, you won’t know what’s working and what’s not.
  8. Reporting & Optimization – Use advanced report types to pull information on advertising performance and responder demographics.
  9. Refresh Your Ads – Chris suggested swapping out ads every week and get rid of the low converters. You want your ads to be fresh and relevant, so change them often.
  10. Always On-Strategy – Develop a strategy and be consistent. Keep your ads running. According to FB’s data, businesses are building bigger fan bases with ads than with passively sitting by and waiting for fans to join.

Now of course, Facebook wants you to keep your ads running all the time. That’s where they are making their money, after all. But, I will have to say that I’m seeing clients who are building large fan bases with Facebook ads and these fans are converting to customers.

Remember that once you get all these fans, you need to give them a reason to stick around and share your information with their friends. Write relevant, interesting content. Help your fans solve a problem. Give them ideas on how to use your product. Have fun with it and let your personality shine through.

For more information on Facebook marketing for small business, read our blog post on Facebook Timeline for Business Tips & Tricks.

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