Timing Can Be Everything on Social Media Posts

Timing can be everything with successfully marketing your small business, and is especially relevant in reaching your audience and potential customers through social media.  Important factors can be when your audience is most likely to be using social media and using the right channels of social media for that particular audience.

For example, what is the best time to post to Google+?  Since the highest amount of traffic is during business hours, optimal posting is done between 9am-11am.  How about Pinterest?  Traffic on Pinterest tends to build later in the day with optimal posting on Saturday mornings.  Here’s a handy infographic that details the major players in social media and optimal posting times:

These and other great tips can be found on Social Caffeine’s article entitled, Your Brand is Weak: Make It Strong withThese 27 Social Media Exercises.

And if your small business needs help navigating the seas of social media, please contact The URL Dr. for help!

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