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Women Who Tech Startup Challenge


As a serial entrepreneur and small business owner myself, I’ve been looking for a way to help those small business owners on a limited budget be more successful online. In many cases, the online world can be a tough one to navigate, especially when you’re not as tech savvy as the competition or on a limited budget. I’ve seen first hand the struggles faced by small business in this arena and the troubles they get into when they purchase websites and services from vendors who may not understand what they really need.

This led me to create Amplify Loud, a do-it-yourself business growth tool that uses website design and online marketing to help facilitate greater success in the online world for small business. I’ve actually been working on this product for several years, but I knew back in January that I’d want to begin BETA testing it in 2015.

Totally by coincidence, I happened to receive an email with an invitation to compete in the first ever, Women Startup Challenge. This competition was bringing awareness to the fact that only 7% of venture backed companies are owned by women. Even though women-led startups have 35% more return on investment than tech companies founded by men. I’ve known for decades of the uneven playing field we women are cast into on a daily basis and I loved the premise of this competition.

The Women Startup Challenge is being conducted in partnership with Craig Newmark of Craig’s List and CraigConnects and investors Fred and Joanne Wilson. Their call to action, “We want way more badass women running amazing and successful startups!” Amen! Sign me up!

The challenge kicks off with a crowdfunding competition on The 25 companies that raise the most money through their crowdfunding campaigns move on to phase 2, where 10 companies will be chosen to pitch their ideas to a group of venture capitalists in Washington, DC., on June 30th, at business incubator, 1776.

I thought this would be a great way to bring a little attention to my new project and drum up a handful of BETA testers to start analyzing and working with my new tool. I’ll be blogging about my progress and what happens on the blog. Watch my progress and wish me luck!

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