The Challenges of Freelancing as a Parent

The Challenges of Freelancing as a Parent


Tiffany Jones began freelancing after she had a baby and realized that she needed much more freedom and flexibility in her schedule. When she realized how freelancing positively impacted her life and her family’s, she decided to teach other parents how to make the transition from traditional employment. Tiffany cofounded The Kenza Collective, a platform designed to inspire, empower, and educate parents who work for themselves.

Kim and Tiffany discuss the challenges in 2021, freelancing from home as a parent. Having children in your work space brings a whole new set of challenges to freelancing. They talk about setting boundaries, time management, finding support, and running a freelancing business. Tiffany also talks about her new course for freelancing parents, “You Can Do This” that lays out a workable plan to get started. If you’re a parent and you work from home, you won’t want to miss this episode of The Freelance Economy!



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