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Building a Brand Customers Will Love with Jim Joseph

Today I went to Bootcamp. Small Business Bootcamp that is, with Jim Joseph, author of The Experience Effect for Small Business and President of Cohn & Wolfe North America. The focus was how to build a brand customers love. Jim took his popular class from NYU and boiled it down to the basics of building a brand experience that will make people want to spend money with your company.

1 – Define your brand. Know who you are and what business you are best suited to own. Don’t go into retail if you’re not a people person. Make sure your interests and skills play to the business you’ve chosen. Define who your best customer is and why they are your best customer. Every small business must learn that there are some customers you just don’t want or need. Creating a profile of the best customers give you a guideline to follow on where to find more of them. Ask yourself what gaps in the market place can you make money on? There’s big money in niches if you can find the right one. Read more