Seamless Event Marketing with Constant Contact’s EventSpot

The URL Dr. recently presented a workshop, Getting Started with Event Marketing, and we were thrilled to hear this testimonial from Deborah Staley, Manager of Continuing Education for Brook Lane.  Deborah uses Constant Contact’s EventSpot to manage all of Brook Lane’s continuing education events, allowing her to accomplish by herself what would normally take several employees countless hours to do.

EventSpot is simple to use, incorporates professional email invitations, customizable web pages, online registrations, online payments, and built in social media tools designed to maximize event attendance and minimize the organizer’s workload.

The URL Dr. is a Local Authorized Expert and Solution Provider with Constant Contact. We offer customized email marketing and social media packages.  Find out how The URL Dr. can help with your next event by contacting us today.   And read more about event marketing in The URL Dr.’s previous blog “How to Run and Market an Event.”

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  1. Kurt E. Walberg
    Kurt E. Walberg says:

    Known issues with eventspot, no eta for resolution. Any alternate products?

    I hold small events and selected Eventspot. Turns out it isn’t capable of closing registration at a set number and they have no idea when it will be fixed. Would appreciate hearing of any alternate products that perform.

    ConstantContact (Andrew, email 1/21/14) “After further research this matches a known issue where customers using a mobile device (phone, or tablet) can register for an event even if it is closed. Our engineering team is currently researching the root cause of this issue, but at this time there is no ETA. At this time there is also no way to prevent this from happening but I have set you up to receive notifications when this issue is updated. Please let me know if you have any questions.”

    Me, in response: “As far as I can tell, this issue has only peripherally to do with the widget. Take a look at my [ ] event. You will note that the registration limit is set at six, that there are five people registered, and that it still reports that registrations are closed. On top of this, as demonstrated last week and reconfirmed this morning, I can continue to register people directly from that page without limit.”

    Thanks in advance,


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