Reimagining Yourself With Purpose

Reimagine your life and business in times of chaos, while keeping a positive attitude and love for life

Kim welcomes her self-confessed soul sister, Gila Kurtz, co-founder and President of Dog Is Good, to the podcast to discuss reimagining yourself and your business in times of chaos. Kim and Gila have together spent more than fifty years in the retail industry, and currently both have retail businesses in the pet space. With newly imagined lifestyles and changed consumer buying habits due to COVID-19, the retail industry has faced challenges.

Hear how Kurtz has pivoted her company to create new revenue streams and ways of doing business, while maintaining a zest for life and a super positive attitude with DIG Direct. She also shares how she transformed her best selling book, “Fur Covered Wisdom,” into a new business model that focuses on empowering women through awareness, letting go, pursuing with purpose, habits, and accelerating the process. Don’t miss a conversation that will excite the entrepreneur and freelancer in all of us.

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