Q&A With The URL Dr. – Best Practices for Calls to Action?

 Q&A With The URL Dr. – Best Practices for Calls to Action?

In this week’s webinar, “How to Market Your Small Business or Non-Profit Online,” The URL Dr. answered questions about core marketing concepts.   Here’s an excerpt from our Q&A session:


“Do you have suggestions for best practices for using calls to action?”


“You want to make sure that your calls to action are at the top of your webpages, at the top of your emails.  That they are visual and that they are easy to see.  I often get on small business websites with particular colors.  When you land website, where is your eye drawn?  It should not be drawn anywhere but to the call to action.  That’s the most important thing on your website or in your email.  Everything else is just an accessory to that call to action.”

“Pay attention to where the physical location is, pay attention to the colors that you are using.  Are you using images or buttons or are you using just text?  You can use a combination, and when you do use an image you should be using the alt-tag that has the description of what that image is just in case that image doesn’t load in somebody’s email or web browser.  You want to make sure that alt-tag is used so they can still read what should be there.  You really want the call to action to stand out.  Calls to action are also something that you want to do some testing with.  In one email, try a call to action one particular way.  The next time you send that email try the call to action a different way.  You don’t want to bury them at the bottom of the page.  You don’t want somebody to have to scroll all the way to the bottom of an email or a webpage to see it.  You want it near the top and you need to play around with it and do some testing to see what is going to spur people to actually take that action.”

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And, watch the entire webinar, “How to Market Your Small Business or Non-Profit Online.”

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