Do you need WordPress or Wix? Learn how to pick the right platform for your small business website and get the pros and cons of each content management system.

Webinar Details

How do you know which platform is best for your website? It’s Kim x2 with the WordPress Goddess and the Wix Guru battling it out in this webinar, filled with the pros and cons of each web platform.

Ten categories including ease of use, portability, design options, features, hosting, security, maintenance, SEO, e-commerce and cost will be discussed.

The Kims share critical information to help you decide which is the right one for your business. WordPress or Wix. Who will win the epic battle of the content management systems? Watch and find out.

What You Will Learn

  • Basics of WordPress and Wix
  • Pros and Cons Comparison of Ease of Use / Learning Curve
  • Pros and Cons Comparison of Portability
  • Pros and Cons Comparison of Design Options
  • Pros and Cons Comparison of Features
  • Pros and Cons Comparison of Hosting
  • Pros and Cons Comparison of Security
  • Pros and Cons Comparison of Maintenance
  • Pros and Cons Comparison of SEO
  • Pros and Cons Comparison of E-commerce
  • Pros and Cons Comparison of Cost

Webinar Format

60 minutes in length
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About Your Presenters

Kim Merritt, The URL Dr.

Kim Merritt, The URL Dr, is a serial entrepreneur. Kim started her first business, Kim’s Khocolate, at the age of 11 and grew to have Apple Computer as her largest client. Kim has been freelancing for more than a decade and is a $100K earner with a 100% Job Satisfaction Score on Upwork. She also specializes in e-learning consulting and works with small business clients helping them be more successful online. Kim has been a presenter at ASBDC for the past five consecutive years.

Connect with Kim:

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Kim Sherman-Labrum has been with the Idaho SBDC since 1998. She is a training coordinator and associate business consultant specializing in online marketing, social media, and graphic/web design. Over the years, she has designed curriculum and taught classes on a variety of business and technology topics. She planned and executed a rural outreach program that caught the eye of Google and was featured in a video for their “Get Your Business Online” program. Kim is also a Wix certified partner.

Connect with Kim:

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Kim Sherman Labrum, SBDC

See what attendees had to say:

The URL Dr. was very engaging. The subject was presented both efficiently and effectively. Even those technically challenged, like myself, will be able to follow with ease as the information is presented in layman’s terms. Overall, a very well thought-out and expertly executed program.

I am amazed of how much was covered with an hour presentation. The information shared was very impressive. This is what I needed.

Don’t miss this opportunity! The webinar was very well-conducted and offered great tips that will push the marketing of any small business to a different level.

I have been a customer and fan of Kim Butler, the URL Dr. for years. She first aided me in my web site design and continues to teach me to be a better marketer through her associations with national brands. She consistently delivers high quality, actionable information which continues to benefit my marketing efforts.

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