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Run by husband and wife team, Scott and Robin Price, Sandlapper Soaps was a craft luxury soap line made in South Carolina. Made with all natural ingredients, Sandlapper is known by their loyal clients as a premiere health and beauty item.


  • Cut back on pay-per-click ad spend
  • Get a list of five ways to increase the retailer’s bottom line
  • Evaluate current online marketing campaign and make suggestions for improvement

Profit Margin Increase


Increase in Search Traffic


Site Conversion


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*in the year after the new site launched

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handmade soap
handcrafted soap



A review of Sandlapper Soap’s online marketing campaigns was completed by The URL Dr. A “prescription” was written that included nine suggested changes in the areas of website design, SEO, content writing, social media, and general business practices.

Overall, the changes made to this client’s website from the suggestions in the Website Exam yielded:

  • On-site sales conversion rate increase of 33.52%
  • Natural SEO traffic increase of 300%
  • Profit Margin increase of 12%
  • Mailing list subscription increase of 50%

Website Design change recommendations that were implemented included a redesign of the website’s header and footer and a new logo. The client turned to their 11,000+ fans on Facebook to help the company choose a new logo design that better represented what they sold. This allowed the company to engage with followers and customers in a new way.

The site was reorganized with a keyword strategy based on product categories, along with several SEO recommendations. These changes increased natural search engine traffic by 300%. Advertising on Facebook was cut back due to the increase in natural SEO traffic, allowing the retailer to increase profit margins by 12%.

The URL Dr. suggested several best practices such as making the company’s address and telephone number more prominent on the website. This opened up another opportunity for Sandlapper to increase customer service efforts and direct local prospects to local retailers, which in turn has increased goodwill and support from those retailers. Stronger calls-to-action throughout the site to join Sandlapper’s growing community of fans and followers, increased their mailing list numbers by 50%. This substantially increased the size of their marketing funnel, allowing a larger base of prospects to market to on a regular basis.

Sandlapper has a great “family business” story, so The URL Dr. suggested that this be brought out on the company’s About Us page. The newly designed page allowed Scott and Robin Price of Sandlapper Soaps to connect with customers on a deeper level, turning customers into “a virtual, extended family.”

“The 300% increase in search engine traffic floored me. Our total revenue remained comparable to the previous year and our profit margin increased 12% since Kim’s suggestions allowed us to decrease our Facebook advertising budget. Wow. We have increased our mailing list numbers by 50%. In our second year of operation, we were profitable on fewer number sales, but with an increased average sale price due to our engagement and reduction of advertising costs. Sandlapper Soaps remains a big fan of Kim Merrit-Butler and The URL Dr.”

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