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Isabelle Davidowitz is an artist and crafter of kiln-formed glass jewelry, fine silver jewelry, and leather goods. Her large statement pieces including belts and bracelets have found clients around the country that love her unique and colorful designs.


  • Transform a static website into an e-commerce site that handles both retail and wholesale transactions and clientele
  • Create a friendlier and more usable experience for clients
  • Offer the artist training and help in managing her Volusion e-commerce site
  • Include a section on the site that highlights custom work and gives potential clients the opportunity to contact the artist
  • SEO Optimize the site for visibility and search engine placement to increase natural traffic
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When Isabelle first contacted me, she had been trying to get her new website up and running in Volusion, herself. She was very frustrated and having a hard time getting the pages to look like she wanted. She had beautiful, professional photography, so I just needed to create a placeholder for her pictures. She also needed help loading all the products into Volusion and figuring out how to manage them easily.

Isabelle was very willing to do the day-to-day management of her website once it was up and running, she just needed some assistance getting there. This project was approached with the end result for the client’s management in mind. It needed to have more simple designs that would be easy for the client to change out, instead of complicated coding that would need a 3rd party firm to continuously make changes and updates.

The company had a large following at festivals and fairs up and down the East Coast, so it was important to have an e-commerce site that could help facilitate repeat orders. But Isabelle Glass was starting to display at wholesale events and buyer’s markets, so the site also needed to accommodate wholesale purchasing.

The site was redesigned with both a retail side that was accessible to the general public and a wholesale side that required a login. A wholesaler form was implemented that automatically emailed information about new wholesale accounts to Isabelle when a company signed up. This allowed her to facilitate wholesale and retail orders with the same website.

Isabelle was given training and instructions on how to manage her new Volusion site, which substantially sped up the time of her updates and product additions, plus it cut down on her frustration. The result was a beautiful new e-commerce site in Volusion that is taking orders for both retail and wholesale customers. Isabelle is now completely empowered with the training she received, to make changes to her site on her own and update the site as she desires.

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