About the Project

The Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship (MCE) in Columbia, MD, wanted to create an entertaining course for would-be entrepreneurs that would help them decide how to found their startup, as a solopreneur or with partners. The basis of the course was to be Harvard Professor Noam Wasserman’s book The Founder’s Dilemmas.


  • Animate “The Founders’ Dilemmas”
  • Write a script based on the book
  • Break concepts into 5-10 min videos
  • Help entrepreneurs determine what kind of a founder they are
  • Provide a framework to entrepreneurs to make intelligent decisions when forming their company

Services Utilized

Book Animation

How We Helped

Instructional Design

The MCE enlisted the help of The URL Dr to transform the author’s book into a series of animated videos. Viewers would watch the videos and would be posed with a question at the end. Depending on how the question was answered would determine which video was watched next. The ‘pick-your-own-ending’ style of the videos with the animation took the book’s content and made it accessible in a whole new format. The videos were embedded into a WordPress website for members of the MCE to view.

The Results

“The Founder’s Series” was created for members of the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship to watch as part of their MCE membership. Nine animated videos totaling just over 60 minutes of watch time were produced. The project earned The URL Dr many kudos from the MCE board and Executive Director.

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