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Xgility is a SharePoint Collaboration and Workflow Solutions design, development and training firm. The company helps organizations migrate to cloud platforms such as Office 365, Azure, and Amazon. Passionately devoted to the principles of agile development, Xgility helps clients automate business processes and enhance SharePoint solutions with extensive database and business intelligence capabilities. Xgility is located in Ashburn, VA.


  • Redefine the company’s brand in the marketplace, especially with private sector prospects
  • Create a more intuitive and easier to navigate site for visitors
  • Dramatically improve SEO performance and increase search engine rankings with a reoptimization of the entire site
  • Implement a fully responsive design
  • Provide secure hosting and user experience
  • Provide training to employees who will be creating content and managing the WordPress website

Increase in User Sessions


Increase in Users


Bounce Rate

*in the year after the new site launched



Xgility is a recognized leader in the software development life cycle processes, and specializes in solving complex business issues for customers of all sizes, from enterprises to the federal government. Their work with the SharePoint platform with federal agencies has included collaboration consulting and software development services for National Institutes of Health, Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Treasury, and the FAA. Xgility supports well over a hundred thousand users in the federal landscape, but as any government contractor knows, changes in budgets, policy, and administrations can have an impact on projects and sales.

Xgility management approached The URL Dr to take its website, which had been little more than an afterthought, and transform it into a lead generation tool for commercial accounts. The company was interested in growing their enterprise business outside of the federal government landscape. The site had not been SEO optimized and did not have the kind of traffic that company leaders knew was possible. Navigation was difficult and confusing for visitors, which led to very few leads coming in from the site.

Project redesign

The project started with an extensive keyword research project, utilizing seed words provided by Xgility’s sales and marketing department. This led to discussions and refinement of the pages the website would actually need and further conversations with management about the content. Xgility brought in corporate branding professional Chris Jones, to create several visual elements that were used throughout the site to provide a unique look and brand recognition.

WordPress Training

The site was built in WordPress and was set up on The URL Dr’s premiere WordPress hosting platform, which includes our online training. Chris Hornbecker, CEO of Xgility, wanted multiple team members to be able to write content, publish blog posts, and manage the day-to-day’s of the site. The online training provided team members the ability to learn and consume information on their schedule, at their own pace. The URL Dr was available to answer questions or lead users through special case scenarios for a year after the new site was launched, eliminating Xgility’s need to hire a third party company to handle the management of their website.

WordPress Plugins

Xgility used Constant Contact as an email management system, so the new site was integrated with their email account. As lead generation forms on the site were filled out and submitted, the information not only went to Xgility’s sales team, but also was automatically added to their Constant Contact account. This eliminated continual manual updates by personnel to the email management lists.

The Yoast SEO plugin was implemented to make SEO updates and optimization easy for The URL Dr’s team as well as Xgility’s team for ongoing work. Yoast SEO is a plugin that The URL Dr includes in every web design project in WordPress.


The SEO optimization of the new website helped Xgility establish not only first page placement in Google for every keyword they track, but number one rankings. The visits resulting from this new found traffic increased the website’s users by 246% in the year after the new website was launched, with an increase in user sessions of 261%. In addition, the bounce rate on the site was lowered by 18.5%.

Kurt Greening, Director of Productivity Solutions at Xgility, noted that the metrics he watched were inbound leads, which rose substantially with the traffic.

“When I joined, you could not even find Xgility on the first page of Google when you searched by our name. The website has helped that a lot. Our key metric is inbound leads. We have moved from several per year to one almost every week. The site is now ranking high in the search results. SEO and numbers are good.”

“We’ve had a great month! We are up quite a bit on unique visitors and we are in 1st place in every SEO result that we track. We even have more than one Xgility link on the top few for SEO.”

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