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Old Dominion Building Group is a team of design and custom home builder in Northern Virginia. They are a conservation and preservation builder, historical renovation experts, and green home builders that specialize in energy efficient homes. Their award winning designs have been featured in Houses Magazine and on Extreme Makeover Home Edition.


  • Get control of domain names
  • Integrate a commercial website and a separate blog into one platform
  • Increase search engine rankings with a reoptimization of the entire site
  • Design an image gallery for the renovation and custom home projects
  • Highlight residential and corporate work

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When Sean approached The URL Dr for a website redesign, he had a serious problem. He wasn’t in control of his company’s domain name. Several years and website renditions earlier, the company that had built a previous website, had registered Old Dominion’s domain in their name. Sean didn’t have control over it. He had tried to regain control of the domain, but had been unsuccessful for almost two years.

So the first part of our project was in getting control of Sean’s domain name. After quite a bit of wrangling between two separate companies, we were finally able to hand over the control of Old Dominion’s domains to Sean. We set the domains up in an account that Sean had access to, so he felt comfortable about being in control from here forward.

Sean was trying to control two separate sites when he reached out to us, a website and a blog. The two were not integrated and it was a logistical nightmare for Sean’s people to try and manage both sites. Our redesign for Sean started with integrating both his blog and his website into WordPress and setting up his new site on our WordPress premiere hosting for small business.

Sean had beautiful, professional images of each of the company’s custom designed homes and renovations jobs, so it was easy to create a visually appealing site that would show off the award winning designs that had been created. We incorporated different photo galleries and gallery options into the pages of Old Dominion’s site to really let visitors get a feel for the craftsmanship that was going into everything from a staircase to a kitchen remodel to the lifting of a room for a second story addition.

We built the site with the goal of increasing lead generation for Old Dominion. Lead generation forms were integrated into all the galleries and into the pages that showed each separate remodel. Leads were automatically emailed to Sean and added to the company’s Constant Contact email account for followup and further communications.

The finished website was much easier for not only visitors to navigate through, but also for Sean’s team to manage and contribute content and new projects to. We were thrilled to see not only the website’s traffic increase, but lead generation increases that led to over $1.2 million in sales directly resulting from the website in the first year.

“Our previous website didn’t do much of anything. Our web guy held our domain hostage for 2 years. It was a nightmare. But our new website with The URL Dr put us back on the map. We closed more than $1.2 million in sales from leads off the site in the first 12 months.”

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