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MyTropolis is as unique a company as the projects that are created here. Whether bringing to life creative and functional room designs, custom furniture pieces, play houses or theme spaces, MyTropolis is one-of-a-kind. Movie stars, sports figures, and clients from all over the world boast of MyTropolis designed, fabricated and installed spaces. Products and rooms are all custom-built to order by experienced craftsmen dedicated to the production of high quality, man-made pieces.


  • Increase brand recognition and display all pieces of custom fabricated furniture and fantasy rooms
  • Create a more usable site for visitors
  • Increase search engine rankings with a reoptimization of the entire site
  • Implement a fully responsive design
  • Incorporate the artist’s corporate work alongside the residential and commercial pieces in a manner that makes sense and is visually appealing

Conversion Rate


Increase in Visits


Increase in Users


Increase in Goal Completions

*in the year after the new site launched

Custom Baby Room
chuckwagon bed



MyTropolis had a specialty, high-end clientele that revered their fully unique and customized interior spaces. Under the creative direction of Chris Jones, the spaces imagined and brought to life for clients became popular worldwide for their creativity and beauty. The fantasy can only become reality through the real life professional artisans, craftsmen and contractors who are brought together for each space based on their experience and skills.

When Chris approached us, he already had a visually appealing website, but it was hard to navigate and it was not SEO optimized, so natural traffic was minimal. We wanted to make the site as much of an experience as the fantasy rooms Chris and his team created.

Chris had very specific ideas about what he wanted, so we customized a WordPress template that would meet all the requirements of the project. An extensive SEO audit was completed and all the content on the site was completely rewritten. There had also been numerous projects that MyTropolis had completed since the last web project was finished, so we updated all the current projects with even more images and added all the latest rooms and pieces.

We also had the challenge of not only including all the fantasy rooms and furniture, but also a collection of Chris’ corporate design work. It was important to have a fluid design that included all facets of Chris’s life as an artist and craftsman.

The resulting site was a colorful and exciting look inside a world of creative interiors and beyond. We hosted the MyTropolis site on our premium WordPress hosting. In addition, we set up Google Analytics with goals to track completions of lead generation forms on the website.

In the year after the site’s relaunch, we saw a huge uptick in traffic with unique visitors and sessions about 250% more than they had been previously. The company saw a 307% increase in goal completions with a 12% conversion rate.

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