Asana for Organization & Productivity

Increase communication and productivity with your entire team. With Asana, you can better plan your workload, visualize your projects, and delegate to your team to get more done at a faster, more efficient pace. Distribute project plans, get progress reports, automate workflows, and do it all in a beautiful, easy-to-use interface that’s available on your computer, tablet and mobile phone.

Keep track of projects, start to finish, all online

Create a project template to get work online and organized quickly. Tasks don’t fall through cracks. Emails don’t get lost in spam folders. Conversations aren’t forgotten between the conference room and the lunch room. Asana lets your team keep track of projects, tasks, sub-tasks, conversations, notes, and documents all in one place.

A smart calendar for the way you work and plan

Calendar view let’s you see project management in a whole new light. Prioritize tasks and visually see deadlines. Get a clear picture of whether or not your project is on track. Asana helps project managers allocate and re-allocate people and time, to always keep things moving. Improve collaboration and track progress with smart calendars that work smart.

Work from anywhere

Start projects, schedule meetings, contact coworkers, and keep track of everything at work on the go with the Asana mobile app. The ball doesn’t have to drop when you’re not sitting at your desk. Communication and organized collaboration goes with you.