Mobile Technology and the Impact on Small Business Marketing

Mobile is transforming the way we do business and communicate with our clients

Your Business Can't Ignore Mobile Marketing

Why should you care if your website and marketing are mobile friendly? I’m sure some of you still think your audience isn’t using a mobile device and you don’t have to worry about mobile. But some of you might be concerned that your website isn’t up to snuff and your marketing message is getting missed because you’re not considering mobile. If mobile is an after thought or worse yet if mobile isn’t even a thought at all in your business, you are missing out on an ever growing segment of the population.

Mobile technology has become so indispensable because of all the different ways it has helped us reshape how we manage our personal and professional lives. From our schedules, to email, to browsing the web, to listening to music, to taking pictures or recording video…oh yes, and let’s not forget making phone calls. Then add all the apps that are available and you can really appreciate the perspective of your audience and how mobile has become a seamless part of their lives. But how exactly is all this impacting your company?

Local search graph

75% of mobile users are looking for real-time, location based information on their phones

90% of those mobile searches lead to an action

and 70% of those actions take place within an hour of the search — which makes sense, because we search for something when we need it…and finding a solution to that need, especially one that is close by, makes taking action incredibly compelling…

Mobile users that find your business online have a conversion percentage nearly 3 times higher than the same search done on a desktop or laptop. Why? Mobile users are on the go. When you’re browsing, you grab the laptop and start researching or just satisfying curiosity for products or services. When you grab your smartphone to search, you have a specific intent in mind, whether it be food, clothing or an oil change for your car. Mobile searchers are buyers, assuming you can meet their needs.

There another very important reason that you need to be taking mobile seriously and using responsive design for your website. Google wants your website to be mobile friendly and prefers responsive design. Google thinks it’s so important that it’s made responsive design one of it’s ranking algorithms for showing up in the search results. If your website is not mobile friendly, it could be penalized by Google and not shown as high in the search results.

Google Mobile Friendly Test ToolTo check if you’re site is mobile friendly, Google has a mobile friendly test tool that you can use. Just put your url in the field and click analyze.

Author of “Content Strategy for Mobile,” Karen McGrane, put it best when she said, “You don’t get to decide which device people use to access your content. They do!”

Mobile is transforming the way we all communicate, connect with each other and do business. In the end, it’s really about helping to make you more successful. Mobile technology can help your business or organization work more effectively and efficiently. For tips and tricks on mobile friendliness that you can use in your website, email, and social media, watch our course on “Are Your Website and Marketing Mobile Friendly?

How has mobile helped your business be more successful? Tell us about your experience.

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