How the SBDC Can Help Freelancers

Free counseling and programs from Small Business Development Centers

Kim welcomes Beth Gantz, Certified Business Advisor with the Lorain CCC SBDC in Ohio to discuss America’s best kept small business secret, Small Business Development Centers (SBDC). SBDCs can be found in every state in the US, with more than 900 service locations, many attached to colleges, universities and economic development corporations. They offer free programs and counseling to the small business and freelance communities. Beth talks about how SBDCs work with freelancers and the free counseling sessions available to SBDC clients. She discusses the three main questions her office hears from freelancers and what type of help is available.

Beth also discusses special programs and services that have been introduced in the past few months in an effort to help those affected by COVID. Learn the top three things freelancers and small business owners should be doing right now.

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