Holistic Website Marketing

As soon as the word “holistic” is mentioned, the eyes start to roll. Stay with me here. Although the concept is based on the same approach to holistic therapy in personal health and wellness, where we treat the individual as a whole, Holistic Website Marketing is not some new age, “out there” idea.

Holistic Website Marketing recognizes that everything matters and an integrated perspective is needed. In our complex and competitive world, no business can rely on a single marketing technique anymore.  You don’t want all your eggs in one basket, particularly if it’s an unprofitable basket. A variety of marketing practices must be implemented to not only address finding customers, but also in keeping them.

In Holistic Website Marketing we are concerned with all the marketing efforts used by a business. We’re not just talking about the PPC program or a single email campaign.  These marketing efforts can’t be conducted in a vacuum. We’re talking about creating a balanced online marketing program and not depending on a single technique to drive your business. We’re talking about maximizing ALL your online and offline marketing efforts to their fullest.

In this blog series, we’re going to explore Holistic Website Marketing and why it is so successful.  It’s being called many different things by many different people. Take David Meerman Scott who talks about it in his book, “The New Rules of Marketing & PR.”  Scott says, “The web has transformed the rules, and you must transform your marketing to make the most of the web-enabled marketplace of ideas.”

Holistic Website Marketing is what “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” is all about. It’s a combination of all the new social media techniques, communicating in a real voice directly to your customer, using PPC with SEO and local search for optimal search engine marketing, analyzing the data and tracking what happens, using PR and press releases in a whole new way, and so much more.

The Holistic Website Marketing approach can be broken down into acquisition, conversion, retention, and return on investment:

Get the visitors to your website (acquisition)

Turn the visitors into customers (conversion)

Keep the customers once you have them (retention)

Make money while you do steps 1, 2, and 3 (return on investment)

It seems straight forward enough. But for many, especially small businesses, something seems to get lost in the execution. The role of the Holistic Website Marketer is to recognize the right tools and techniques to use during each phase, so that you, the client, get the biggest bang for your buck.

So what’s the secret recipe for success? Unfortunately, this is not an out of the box solution. What clearly works for Company A, might not be so black and white for Company B. Different factors on the website, varying business models, and most importantly, different kinds of visitors and customers, will make Holistic Website Marketing plans and efforts unique for each company that uses them.

In the Holistic Website Marketing plan, the key is to utilize a collection of online and offline marketing efforts, in tandem, to make the entire business more profitable. It’s a delicate balance of multiple techniques, and it certainly isn’t done overnight. But, when utilized with the whole business in mind, the Holistic Website Marketing approach makes sense and profit for those companies willing to use it.

Taking a holistic approach involves seeking the tools that will help us attract the traffic and customers we desire. In part 2 of our series on Holistic Website Marketing, we’ll explore different acquisition techniques to get visitors to your website.

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