The Freelance Economy Podcast

Premiere Episode

In the premiere episode, Kim Merritt, The URL Dr., shares the premise of The Freelance Economy podcast and her background as a serial entrepreneur since the age of eleven. Her success on freelancing platform Upwork, led her to start speaking at national conferences three years ago on how freelancers and small business owners could grow their businesses using the online freelance sites. In this episode she discusses how she’ll be sharing proven secrets to success for growing freelancing activities and small businesses.

Kim also shares her fascinating entrepreneurial journey starting with the founding of her first company, Kim’s Khocolate, while she was still in junior high school, through the bankruptcy of her second company, and the growth of her current company, in large part due to the online freelancing platforms. Kim has worked with Apple, The Rolling Stones, Microsoft, ADP, Bausch & Lomb, AT&T, and small businesses around the world. Her combined companies have grossed more than $11.5M.

Future episodes will be 30 minutes long and released every Monday. The Freelance Economy Podcast will also be available to view as a Vlog on YouTube and Vimeo.

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