Creating Pro Images for the Web Course

Creating Professional Images for Websites and Social Media

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Even if you’re not a graphic designer and even if you don’t have Photoshop, you really can make beautiful, compelling images for your website and online marketing.

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of image design, pixels vs. DPI, the difference between JPEG, GIF and PNG images and when to use each, image quality vs file size, page load speeds and how your images can slow down your website, and resolution vs. image size. We’ll cover tips and tricks of the pros to help you look better on line. You’ll get instruction on how to use a variety of free tools to edit your images and graphics into exactly what you need and how to use calls-to-action that will inspire your visitors to buy. Learn how to optimize your images for the web and make free icons to use on your site.

As part of the course, you’ll get a free icon, button, and call-to-action pack that you can use on your website. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your graphics and image creation to the next level.

Download these resources: Button Pack and Buttons