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Beginners Guide to WordPress – The Online Course

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Websites are no longer a choice for small business, they are a necessity. In today’s competitive business environment, you won’t be taken seriously without a professional website for your business. So what’s the best type of content management system to build your website in?

WordPress is hands down, the best option for small business. It’s free, open source and easy to use. And because it’s not in a proprietary system, your in control. You can pick your web host and you can choose the functions and features your website has.

In “How to Use WordPress for Beginners,” you’ll learn the basics of WordPress, themes and plugins. Learn how to set up WordPress and get a tour of all the administration screens and the toolbar. You’ll learn how to create a page, how to create a blog post, how to upload pictures and video through the Media Library, how to create menus, and a selection of other skills. This course will cover everything you need to know about users and how to set different roles to limit access to sensitive material.

“How to Use WordPress for Beginners” was designed for novices and walks users step-by-step through each screen to describe in layman’s terms, exactly what you need to do. This course offers 27 video tutorials and over 90 minutes of instruction on how to use WordPress.