My Website Is Awful



My Website is Awful Introduction (Preview)

Length: 3 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Standard

My Website is Awful Online Course

In this introduction, we'll talk about how having an "awful" or "ugly" website can be negatively impacting your online and offline results. The agenda for the course is given.

Basic Website Design Elements (Preview)

Length: 6 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Standard

Basic Website Design Elements Video

This lesson discusses Website Usability and Design, with a focus on elements that can improve your conversion rate from visitors to customers and make you more successful online. You'll learn what your website has to convey in 5 seconds or less. Find out what basic elements every website has to have and a couple of don'ts in design basics.

Basic Website Usability Elements

Length: 7 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Standard

Website Usability Elements Online Lesson

You've got visitors on your website. Now what? What do you want them to do? This lesson discusses basic web usability elements. Includes information on hyperlinks, fonts, form design, colors, graphics, and calls-to-action.

Home and Landing Pages

Length: 5 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Standard

Home Page vs. Landing Page Online Video

You'll learn the most important differences between the home page and a landing page. Use of landing pages is discussed.

WordPress Basics

Length: 7 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Standard

WordPress Basics Online Video

A basic intro to WordPress and why it is such a smart choice for small businesses. Includes a brief discussion of themes and plugins, including our 6 favorite WordPress plugins for small business.

Types of Web Hosting

Length: 13 minutesAuthor: Kim MerrittComplexity: Standard

Web Hosting Online Video

Learn the 6 different types of web hosting for small business to consider, with the pros and cons of each. This lesson covers 6 considerations in picking a web host, how to keep your website from getting hacked, and the importance of fast loading web pages.

Is your website keeping you from doing more business online? Learn how simple design changes can increase a visitors’ willingness to do business with you.

This presentation takes a deep dive into website design to promote a professional image and increase your bottom line using WordPress. You don’t have to be a web designer or know HTML to get great value of this presentation. Aimed at the novice.

In this online course, you’ll learn:

    • Benefits of using WordPress to manage your website
    • Best practices in conversion design so you turn all those visitors into customers
    • How to use graphics and calls-to-action in your website
    • How to convey in 5 seconds or less that you know what you’re doing
    • Two most important pages of your website (and we bet you only have one of them)
    • Why your hosting company could be negatively impacting your search results and what you can do about it
    • Tools of the pros to help you look like a million bucks online

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